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Business coaching game – Cash Flow

Sunday 16th of October from 16:00 until 20:30

The Business coaching game Cash Flow will be organised in the Londa hotel in Limassol.

The game will be led by the business and financial coach – Tatiana Voitsekhovskaya.

Change your financial mindset whilst playing!

Robert Toru Kiosaki – the American entrepreneur, millionaire, investor, writer and educator, author of the book “Rich Daddy, Poor Daddy”, developer of the training board game CASHFLOW.

“This game teaches the financial skills through fun, repetition and actions. Every time playing the game, you will get more and more financial skills and every time the game will be different”.

The game imitates real life. The number of participants varies between 5 and 10 players. During the game, which lasts 4 hours, the players live through 30 years of ordinary life. Everyone starts with equal opportunities. Players take turns to move their pieces across the board and get into various events, which are coordinated by the financial coach Tatiana Voitsekhovskaya.

The details of the event are available on the Facebook page.

Additional information:


Place: Londa Hotel
Address: Limassol, Cyprus (View on the map)
Contact data: 70 003077


Ticket price:

  • €60 - per ticket

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