Cyprus Hip-Hop Festival In Nicosia
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Cyprus Hip-Hop Festival in Nicosia

Saturday, 26th August at 5pm

The Cyprus Hip-Hop Festival featuring various DJs, MCs and break-dancers will take place in Nicosia.

The event will kick-off at 17:00 with dance competitions and DJ Mike WildCut providing the music. At 20:30 DJ ABkas will start his set. At 21:00 MCs will start their live performances. This year the Cypriot artists will share the stage with the MCs from Greece – Stixoima and Adespoto (RNS).

On the street outside the venue, graffiti artists will be able to paint on special panels – bring your sprays!


  • Mike WildCut;
  • Bkas;
  • Andreas Alex aka Ice.


  • Stixoima;
  • Adespoto (RNS);
  • Julio;
  • Smilin;
  • Pontikas;
  • Amoloitos;
  • Flava Fuse;
  • Reper Outlaw;
  • Jurasik;
  • Thrillah;
  • Fotis;
  • Fixit.

For additional information, call at: 99 885773


Place: RED Music Stage
Address: Nicosia, Cyprus (View on the map)
Contact data: +357 22 767711


  • Dance
  • Sport
  • Concert

Ticket price:

  • €15 - per ticket
  • €12 - presale