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Jakatoumba – dance theatre performance for children

Sunday 23rd and Sunday 30th of October at 11:00 and at 16:00

The Rialto theatre in Limassol will host the interactive dance theatre performance “Jakatoumba” directed by Lia Haraki. The performance will become part of the “Terpsichore Programme 2016”, which is organised by the department of the Ministry of Education and Culture and is supported by the Dance House Lemesos. This performance is Lia’s first prodcution for the kids, where with the use of motion, music and vocals, a new functional dimension is created, which is full of magic and adventures without the use of any text.

The young girl called Yakinti opens the last present which she received for her birthday. It was the microphone, however she is too timid to try it. When she goes to sleep, she appears on the “planet of Sound”, where various characters, who speak in their native language  and use the audience for assistance, help her to find her own way of self-expression…

Participants of the performance:

  • Lia Haraki — concept, choreography, directorship;
  • Arianna Markulides, Panayiotis Tofi and Rania Glimitsa — dancers;
  • Christos Hadjichristou — live and background music;
  • Costas Kakoyiannis — composer;
  • Eva Korai  — decorations, Arianna Markulides — costumes and Alexander Djotovich — lights.

There is no verbal communication in the performance, so it is suitable all kids over 5 years of age, regardless of their native language.

Duration: 50 minutes (without intermission).


  • Ticket office of the theatre;
  • tel.: +375 77777745.

Free art workshops

The Jakatoumba art team also presents free master classes with the use of the voice and technology, for the kids, who puchased the tickets for the performance (registration forms are available at the entrance).

Master classes will take place on the 27th of October and 6th of November at the Dance House Lemesos.

All proceeds will be donated to the Centre of preventive pediatrics.

For more info, visit:

  • Facebook: jakatoumba.


Place: Rialto
Address: Lemesos, Cyprus (View on the map)
Contact data: 77 777745


  • Theatre
  • Kids and Family

Ticket price:

  • €8 - per ticket

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