Nicosia — Sinchon Water Fight 2017 In Nicosia
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Nicosia — Sinchon Water Fight 2017 in Nicosia

Saturday, 15th July from 4pm to 7pm

This year Nicosia will join the Sinchon Water Gun Fight Festival. The tradition of the festival started in Seoul, South Korea and has been carried for many years.

Guests will enjoy a fun fight with different water weapons in the middle of the hottest summer season in Cyprus.


  • capture of flag;
  • rescue of hostages;
  • royal battle and many more.


  • water guns;
  • water baloons;
  • all kind of water ammunition.


  • no hitting people with cameras or without weapons;
  • have fun.

Music by Fidias и Nakas Music Cyprus.

Battlefield location can change.

Additional information is available on organiser’s Facebook page.


Place: Parko Akropolis
Address: Axiou Street, Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus (View on the map)


  • Festival
  • Competition
  • Open Air

Ticket price: