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“No Man’s Land” – NT Live

Tuesday 28th of February at 20:30

The Rialto theatre in Limassol will organise the screening of the performance “No Man’s Land” from the New York Metropolitan Opera (Met).

The comical play tell the story about two ageing writers – Hirst and Spooner, who met at the bar once and decided to have a drink, only to continue at Hirsts’ home. As the volume of consumed alcohol increases, so does the level of unbelievable stories which they tell to each other. Soon the friendly chitchat of the two men becomes quite intense. And with the arrival of two aggressively minded young men, the situation gets even more serious…


  • Ian McKellen — Spooner;
  • Patrick Stewart — Hirst.


After the play, the spectators will have the opportunity to watch the exclusive interview with actors and directo Sean Mathias.

The play will be shown with Greek and English subtitles.


Place: Rialto
Address: Lemesos, Cyprus (View on the map)
Contact data: 77 777745


  • Theatre

Ticket price:

  • €7/10 - per ticket

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