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Per-sonat: Mer Amère – concert in Paphos

Tuesday 18th of April at 20:00

As part of the programme “Music at the gates: three meetings”, the concert of Per-sonat: Mer Amère will take place in Paphos.

The concert of Per-sonat is dedicated to the Medieval and Renaissance and is called  Mer Amère (Bitter Sea).

This is a rare concert, which is dedicated to the works from a unique manuscript of IX and X centuries, Codex Cyprus, where it is possible to find the similarities between the religious and secular parts. The term “Codex Cyprus” means the collection of secular and religious works, which were written by anonymous author of XV century. The compositions are dedicated either to Virgin Mary, the guardian of the travelers, or to waiting and strive of human for love.

Members of Per-sonat:

  • Sabine Lutzenberger — soprano;
  • Tobie Miller — soprano;
  • Baptiste Romain — violin, hornpipe;
  • Liz Rumsey — violin.

Place: St. Paul’s Pillar
Address: Paphos, Cyprus (View on the map)


  • Concert

Ticket price:

  • - Free entrance

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