Summer Hightligh Show In Paphos
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Summer Hightligh show in Paphos

Saturday, 1st July at 8.30pm

A spectacular Summer Hightlight show will be held in the Paphos castle area.

Summer Hightlight  is a stunning outdoor show, where one of the main themes of Pafos 2017 —  “World Travellers” will be presented.

Audience will enjoy breathtaking stories about three travellers in the mysterious atmosphere of Paphos medieval castle and harbour.

The programme includes:

  • dance;
  • mass chorography performance;
  • professional performance;
  • acrobatics;
  • water show;
  • dynamic lighting and sound design;
  • original music;
  • stunning special effects;
  • fireworks.


Place: Medieval Paphos Castle
Address: Paphos, Cyprus (View on the map)


  • Open Air
  • Festival

Ticket price:

  • - FREE