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“The Art of Luxury Sleep”- lectures in Limassol

Friday 3rd and Saturday 3th of June at 11:00, 16:00 and 18:00

The shop PKS philosophy of Kudos + Style invites everyone to participate in the seminars of the recognized expert in the sleeping- Dr. Neil.

The seminar will address the issued of choose the right bed and mattress, which are the main aspects that determine the quality of sleep.

 “Sleep can improve our health, reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, obesity etc., it can make us smarter, healthier and more attractive in the eyes of the opposite gender. If I had a pill to replace sleeping, then I would be a rich man, however instead, I am lecturing people to raise awareness of importance of high quality sleeping”.

Dr. Neil

For reservations: [email protected].

For additional information, call at: 25 32 22 92

Place: PKS philosophy of Kudos + Style
Address: Limassol, Cyprus (View on the map)
Contact data: +357 25 322291


  • Health and Beauty

Ticket price:

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