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“The Free Love”

Monday 14th of November at 19:00

The Rialto theatre in Limassol will host the screening of the sad comedy “The Free Love”.

This play is about a blind guy called Donald. After getting fed up with the excessive care of his mother, he leaves her house in order to start the free life of a musician. His new flatmate is charming and eccentric actress called Jill with the face of an angel and behavior of the devil. In the huge & cold city of New-York,  regardless in the difference in social status and upbringing, the two feel irresistible attraction to each other.

The plot combines Jill’s desire for action, independence and riskiness & Donald’s romantic personality, attempt to get to know himself and become an adult.

During the couple of hours of the life on the stage, the characters experience a vortex of event and affair filled with encounters and separations, jealousy and passion.


Organisers: “The Magic Theatre World”

The Main sponsor of the screening: SAXO BANK.

Media support: “Russian Radio”.


Duration: 2 hours with intermission.

Tickets are available at the ticket office of the Rialto theatre and on the website

For more info, call at: 96 30 2770

The play will be in Russian Language.

Place: Rialto
Address: Lemesos, Cyprus (View on the map)
Contact data: 77 777745


Ticket price:

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