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TriCoolOre ft. Pantelis Stoikos & Dimitris Lappas

Sunday 20th of November at 19:00

The jazz band Tricoolore returns to Nicosia with their new concert and now they will be performing with the world famous trumpeter Pantelis Stoikos and guitarist Dimitris Lappas .

The traditional jazz with African rhythms, European experiments with maqam style and national Greek expression – all of that in the unique music project of the Tricoolore band.

The band members are- Angelos Doukas (keyboards), Vasilis Vasiliou (drums & percussion) and Nikos Doukas (el. bass & loops). By breaking away from the strict stereotypes and by using their unique findings, these three friends are making something incredible on the stage.

The internationally renowned musician Pantelis Stoikos who is considered to be one of the most creative trumpeters of the Balkans. Stoikos, enriches his native sounds with elements of jazz and classical music and thus, creates his own unique style, based on traditional music. During his extensive career, he has performed in numerous of concerts in Europe, U.S.A., Asia and Australia.

Demetris Lappas is the musician, composer, producer and music editor, who is also the founder of the Lapino Project band (jazz, funk mix with Eastern influence). His artistic career boasts with more than 4,500 performances live on TV and radio, cooperation with the famous composers, song writers, musicians and singers. Acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bouzouki are his main instruments.

For additional information and reservations, call at:
22 430121


Place: Enallax Live
Address: Nicosia Cyprus (View on the map)
Contact data: +357 22 430121


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