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Bizserve Consultants Limited

Bizserve Consultants Limited is a leader in the sector of administrative governance services. The company was founded in May 2002, with the office in Nicosia. The registration number is 66/196.

Prior to the company’s official registration, the company’s senior executives were employed by various corporations since the 1990s. Having worked in the trust management services sector for over 30 years, Bizserve’s staff and management gained a high level of credibility among the clients and the partners.

Bizserve Consultants Limited focuses on the registration of companies, trusts, and the management of corporate structures in Cyprus and in other jurisdictions.

Over the years, Bizserve assisted in the incorporation of more than 4,000 companies, with subsequent management services provided to many of them all over the world. The firm’s clients range from major multinational corporations to individuals.

The list of company registration / incorporation includes:

  • consulting on company structure and selection of jurisdiction;
  • incorporation and registration of companies in different jurisdictions (Cyprus, Seychelles, Belize, Hong Kong, Marshall Islands and other);
  • development and registration of commercial networks;
  • acquisition of off-the-shelf companies;
  • provision of registered offices, secretary, nominal directors and shareholders;
  • virtual office services.


Bizserve Consultants LimitedBizserve Consultants LimitedBizserve Consultants Limited

The list of secretary and administrative services includes:

  • secretary services;
  • formulation of documents following the results of directors’ and shareholders’ meetings;
  • consulting on the changes to the memorandum and the charter;
  • preparation and delivery of annual reports;
  • maintenance of accounting records;
  • issue of invoices for trading companies.

The corporate office services include :

  • Bizserve Consultants Limitedprovision of fully furnished and equipped offices in downtown Nicosia;
  • provision of electric power, A/C, heating;
  • Internet access;
  • personal voicemail;
  • collection and transfer of correspondence and e-mail;
  • extra services (corporate e-mail, administrative support, secretary services, legal services, IT support, conference room with video-conferencing, mail service).

Furthermore, Bizserve Consultants Limited offers the following services:

  • Bizserve Consultants Limitedinternational tax planning;
  • legal and trust management services (drafting and administration of contracts and agreements, documents witnessing and apostille, interfacing and liaison with the state authorities, maintenance of relations with tax authorities on tax residence issues, receipt of tax certificates, certificates to avoid double taxation, company liquidation services);
  • bank services (client representation to major banks, opening and management of individual, corporate and trust accounts worldwide, assistance in international wire transfers, assistance in the issue of debit and credit cards, online banking access assistance, corporate accounts management);
  • virtual office in Cyprus;
  • Citizenship of Cyprus and residence permits.

A detailed list of our services is available at The website has a hot line to promptly answer your questions.

The company’s team consists of qualified lawyers, administrators, ex-bankers, marketing directors and IT specialists, able and willing to provide professional support and assistance to resolve all clients’ issues. The company’s staff speaks Greek, English, Russian, Bulgarian and Romanian.


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