The Hotel is in the centre of Troodos village and sits at an altitude of 1,725 m above sea level. A picturesque corner of Cyprus, the natural beauty is amazing.

Summer spent in Troodos can be an escape from the sweltering heat of the coast, and in winter there is snow. The top of Mount Olympos is located just 5km away, where the ski resort usually opens during the winter period.

For a comfortable stay, these 48 rooms have a small gym, en-suite bathrooms, mini bar, plasma panels, hair dryer and room service. Central heating creates a cosy environment in winter.

Most rooms offer stunning views of the mountain valley. In the absence of snow, you can rent a mountain bike, or go for a hike on the mountain slopes.

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Troodos Hotel

Travelling around the island has become, for me, one of the main attractions in Cyprus.

Landscapes through the car window change rapidly, the numerous palm trees growing along the coast give way to lush coniferous vegetation. The changing of the climate and flavours is like travelling with a magical time machine.


Troodos Village is located near the top of Olympos which is the highest point in Cyprus.

A small fair is open all year round in Troodos, and you can wander around taking in the smells of the sweets, dried meat and herbs. You can also sample the various nuts, traditional shoudzhoukos, products made from the fruit of the carob tree and the local wine.

Sitting at the table of one of the local cafes and enjoying a cup of Cypriot coffee, you can savour the views of the mountain valley.


The view from the hotel of the Troodos

Ski resort

In the winter, roughly from mid-January to mid-March, the ski resort is open at the top of Olympos.

Four lifts take you to the upper part of one of the four routes which vary in difficulty. Snow-covered fir trees create a sense of unreality for those who’ve just come from the palm trees decorating the warm sea coast only an hour ago.

There is a small cafe, and you can hire ski equipment.

Troodos Hotel

Troodos HotelThe hotel appears to be clinging to the hillside, and the majority of rooms have views of the mountain valley.

Relaxing with a coffee or a glass of wine on the balcony, you feel like time has stood still: you are left alone with nature, enjoying the rustle of the wind and the chirping of the birds. Here is a place for romantics! The rooms are lovely and warm in the winter thanks to the central heating and cool in summer.

The Hotel offers a minibar, LCD-TV, bathroom and room service.

Restaurant in Troodos

A cosy restaurant offering good food. Sit by the window overlooking the valley, or at the fireplace – an indispensable attribute of a winter meal, or sit on one of the cosy sofas. The lighting of the restaurant in the evening creates a romantic dinner away from “five-star civilisation.”


The restaurant serves traditional Cypriot cuisine. I managed to get acquainted with the following menu items.

Troodos Salad is a unique opportunity to taste traditional Cypriot and Greek food: crisp lettuce with Kefalotyri cheese, chiromeri jerky, sun-dried tomatoes and original sweet and sour dressing. It’s a fascinating combination of flavours – the taste of ancient Greece.

Assorted dips (a dip meze). Fried pieces of pita and a complementary set of local appetisers: Greek Taramasalata prepared from cod roe, natural olive oil and lemon juice – with a subtle hint of onion; tzatziki, familiar to us from the Caucasian cuisine; and the classic hummus. All complemented by the local dish of green olives and feta cheese – ideal with a glass of white wine in summer, and a red in winter.

Courgette (Zucchini) balls, deep fried. Under the thin crust hides delicate courgette with a little melted feta cheese and a hint of dried mint. This dish is suitable as a hot snack.


Troodos Hotel - Grilled troutTroodos Hotel - SaladTroodos Hotel - Courgette

Fish lovers will appreciate the grilled trout. The fish are grown here, on one of the mountain trout farms. A portion of the trout is cooked on the grill, retaining its succulence. The dish is delicate and light, perfectly combined with white wine.

Chicken kebab. This recipe will be appreciated by both adults and children. Pieces of tender chicken breast, french fries, salad and yoghurt sauce.

And finally, I will mention my favourite meal in the Troodos hotel restaurant.

Stifado beef. Slices of beef cooked with onions in a delicious sauce. The traditional version of this Greek dish has a pronounced sharpness, but here the chef uses the unique Cyprus wine Commandaria in the sauce, which gives a beautiful fragrance and a touch of sweetness, perfectly in harmony with the herbs and spices. The dish is fantastic; you have to try it!


From the restaurant’s wine list I recommend the red wine, Vamvakada, from the local winery Tsiakkas, and the white wine, Petridis, made in the Kyperounda Winery.

Troodos HotelAnd finally

The Troodos Hotel is a romantic place for those who want to explore the island and discover corners of untouched nature, enjoying the quiet charm of rural Cyprus and outdoor activities.

Maxim Okulov

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