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6 Aug 2016
Top News of the Week


Cyprus police arrested illegal immigrants who arrived from Turkey

One of the most widely discussed event this week was the arrest of the refugees – police found 9 Syrians, who arrived to the island illegally.

It was later discovered that five of them were already deported from Cyprus before because they were residing and working in Cyprus illegally.

According to the provisional data, they arrived by sea from Turkey. They were accompanied by a person, who is suspected in human trafficking. During the arrest he was injured and required medical assistance. However after his arrival to the hospital, he tried to escape.

Currently he is under arrest as are the other illegal immigrants.

Cyprus managed to overcome the crisis: the property market is going up

The statistical service of Cyprus has announced a very important data: the number of deals with real estate has rapidly increased.

In June it shot up 42% in comparison with the same month last year. Overall 657 properties were sold, which include residential properties, office and building plots. The majority of the purchasers are Cypriots – 2/3 of the whole number of deal. The foreigners purchased the mere 30% out of the whole lot.

The experts are saying that now is the best time to purchase property in Cyprus: prices are low, lots of properties on sale and quite recently the government has introduced new tax reductions for the property owners.

The number of policemen and firefighters will increase

The government decided to hire more policemen and fire fighters.

As early as September, 210 vacancies in police will be announced. It is yet unconfirmed for which positions staff will be required. Most likely it will be for the general staff, who will be working in the streets.

In the firefighting service the increase will not be so significant – 40 vacancies will be opened, yet this increase is highly desirable, mostly due to high workload over the last couple of months. Quite recently the had to extinguished a large scale forest fire. Additionally, over the last few days there were plently of distress calls due to fires cause by the electrical appliances and faulty wiring. In the current hot weather the wiring is under high stress, mostly due to the use of air conditioning equipment.

The Internet Casinos will be licensed

The Internet Casinos will become the new source of income for the Cyprus government, which decided to introduce licenses for the companies, which promote gambling in the internet. There are plenty of such companies ,however they do not pay any taxes. The issue of licenses is planned until the beginning of November. Those companies, which will not comply with the requirements will be put into the black-list and access to their websites in Cyprus will be banned.

Additionally, the first real casino in Cyprus may open its doors soon – the construction process is currently discussed with the investors.

Paphos lures tourists by offering free Wi-Fi.

The Paphos Municipality decided to attract tourists by offering free Wi-Fi, which is now available on the two most popular beaches of the town- SODAP and Bania, where the tourists can now sunbathe whilst remaining on-line. The uninterrupted access to the Internet already became part of lifestyle, especially among the young individuals. Therefore the Municipality of Paphos decided to keep up with the trend, especially in the light of free Wi-Fi becoming available at the beaches of Ayia-Napa earlier.