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16 Sep 2016
Top News of the Week


Citizenship for 2 million – new rules for the exceptional naturalization

New rules for the acquisition of citizenship in Cyprus have been adopted – as per the decision of the council of Ministers. the main difference is that the minimum amount of investment has been significantly of Cyprus reduced. Previously, it was necessary to invest in the range of 2,5 – 5,5 million Euros.

In accordance with the new rules, however, the minimum investment amount is 2 million Euros without the necessity to find other investors for the collective scheme. The period of consideration of the application remained the same – only 3 months (which is one of the quickest methods of acquisition of citizenship worldwide).

The applicant does not have to reside in Cyprus. However it is important that the money were invested using one of the approved methods such as purchase of financial securities or participation in the company, which employs at least 5 Cypriots.

The Cyprus authorities are confident that the new rules will attract to Cyprus those, who is interested to do business through the Republic.

Notable progress – the results of the reunification negotiations

The special UN representative on Cyprus – Mr. Espen Bart Eide said that a significant progress has been achieved during the reunification negotiations.

He further added that there is a progress in such sectors as ruling the reunified country, distribution of electricity supply and the lost real estate. However, the matter of the security of the island remains to be a significant obstacle.

It has also been announced that Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akinci will meet with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon at the end of next week. Some important announcement are expected to be made after that meeting.

Cyprus will be divided into two time zones

Another difference between the Northern and Southern parts of the island will appear soon – this time it is a matter of time. The issue is that the authorities of the occupied territories decided not to move to the winter time. This decision was made following Turkey’s example, where the government decided that it is more economically beneficial to remain in summer time.

The Republic of Cyprus, however, follows the European rules and on the last Sunday of October, the clocks will be moved one hour back.

It remains unclear how this will affect the every-day life of the two communities, however one thing is clear- the Northern side will enter the new year earlier.

Major fire in Limassol! The Cyprus authorities are considering to purchase the firefighting airplanes

Another fire was extinguished by the Cypriot firefighters during this week. In the vicinity of Limassol a forest was burning. Around 60 individuals and 22 fire engines, including helicopters were sent for the rescue.

In the end, the fire was taken under control. However, it made the Cyprus authorities to consider the possibility to purchase the specialized airplanes. Due to the dry and hot weather in Cyprus, the forest fires became more common and quite frequently it is impossible to deal with the situation without the use of aircrafts.

Currently, the best course of action is being evaluated, which includes the possibility of leasing of the aircrafts, instead of purchasing.

EMS service is only one click away

From now on, it is possible to call the EMS service with a touch of a button on the smartphone screen. The new application is currently being tested in Larnaca – it is the first city in the island, where the new system has been implemented.

In one month the app will be launched in Paphos and later in Limassol. The authorities are confident that this method will save precious time – the doctors will be able to react to the emergencies much quicker. It is important however that the distress call is not a fake one.