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22 Oct 2016
Top News of the Week

Кипр и Россия

Russia and Cyprus sign new bilateral agreement

The Russian Prosecutor and Cyprus government have announced in Nicosia that the new agreement, which improves cooperation in the law enforcement sector, has been signed.

Yuriy Chaika and Nicos Anastasiades have discussed the possibilities in mutual extradition of the suspects, who committed crimes. In particular, an agreement was reached to extradite to Cyprus a citizen of Ukraine, who is charged with several criminal offenses.

During the meeting of the two prosecutors, it has been declared that politics should not hinder the law enforcement authorities from stopping crime.

A chain of teachers’ strikes has started in Cyprus

The teachers’ trade union has decided to start a chain of strikes on the island. The first one, which should serve as a warning, has affected primary schools and kindergartens of Cyprus.

The teachers did not cancel the lessons entirely, but to show their determination, the lessons started 1 hour later.

The next step is to arrange the march of protest – teachers are ready to to to the Ministry of Finance and to the Presidential Palace. Moreover they are encouraging parents to join them. The trade union demands to employ additional 150 teachers and to amend the time table. They believe that the workload on the teachers is extremely high, which has a negative impact on the quality of education.

Free access  to the library. The Parliament decided to digitize the documents

The access to the Library of the Cyprus Parliament will be granted to the public. This week it was discovered the the process of digitizing the materials store in the House of Representatives is already underway. These documents will become a part of the database.

Rare books, old newspapers from the Colonial rule, as well as Osman codices – all of that will be available online not only for scientist and students, but also to anyone who is willing to learn more about the history of Cyprus. Moreover, according the Chairman of the Parliament, the collection may be supplemented by the material from Greece and which are linked to the WWI and Turkish Invasion of 1974.

Perhaps, such documents will help to unveil the destiny of the Cypriots, who are still considered as missing.

Heated debates around halloumi

One of the gastronomical symbol of Cyprus – Halloumi cheese, is in the centre of a scandal. The Agricultural Committee of the Parliament noticed that the production of cheese is much higher, that could’ve been made from the available raw materials – cow, sheep and goat milk.

According to the forecast, the producers should be able to produce just 13,000 tons of halloumi, whereas in reality they have produced 23,000 tons. The MPs suspect that powder milk was used, which is strictly prohibited.

One of the measures, which can be implemented, is the governmental control over the use of the powder milk imported to the island.

The Cyprus Youth Football team accepted the challenge to play with Russian football players.

The National team of Cyprus accepted the challenge from the team from Russia. This week, it was announced that the Cyprus youth team will meet the peers from the NFL clubs – the second most important league in Russia.

Cyprus is closely connected with NFL – every year the island hosts the Cup game of the League. Now it goes up to the next level – the game of the best from the two sides.

The game will take place on the 27th of November in Limassol at the Zirion Athletic Centre.