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5 Feb 2017
Top News of the Week

Акинчи, Эйде, Анастасиадис

 New meeting about the reunification is around the corner. Why UN suggests to slow down the process?

The UN urges the two leaders to postpone the conference about the reunification of the island- said Espen Barth Eide.

According to him, it is necessary to make proper preparations and when the time comes, the two sides will be able to get together again. This declaration is probably caused by the two previous unsuccessful attempts to bring together the leaders of the two communities and leaders of the guarantor states.

Apparently, the two meetings in Switzerland revealed serious disagreements. Of course, there is no point in organising new conferences until those will be eliminated. Nevertheless, Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akinci requested the UN to organise another meeting in March.

In the meantime, the two leaders agreed to meet every week in the buffer zone in order to find together the possible ways to resolve the problems.

Staged payment of taxes. Government wants to help the taxpayers

The overdue taxes can now be payed in installments. The relevant legislation has been adopted by the Cyprus parliament. The MPs said that they wanted to help people, who ended up in a difficult financial situation  due to the economic crisis.

It was reported that if the arrears are less than 100,000 Euros, it will be pay it over 54 months. The final decision lies, however, with the tax authorities, which are empowered to provide additional discounts on the interest charges on arrears.

The legislation covers the arrears for taxes such as property taxes, inheritance or income.

New ways of combating illegal parking.

The authorities will be combating the illegal parking in the Cyprus cities with special restricting poles. According to the local press, these were already introduced in Nicosia and Limassol.

In certain places such poles already exist, however now much more will be installed. They will be also installed after the request of the residents – who are only required to make a written request.

According to the municipal authorities, this method is quite effective: drivers will not be knocking down the poles just to park. At the same time, such poles will help the pedestrians to feel much safer.

Cultural Capital of Europe: Paphos will be celebrating for the whole year with cultural events.

Paphos has assumed the title of the European Capital of Culture more than one week ago, but the guests and residents are still sharing their thoughts about the opening ceremony.

The concert, which was organised on the Central Square, attracted thousands of spectators who were able to see the performance about the birth of Paphos- the son of Pigmaleon and his statue Galatea.

However, it was just the beginning. The Capital of Culture will be organising numerous concerts, exhibitions and performances throughout the year

A lost family was rescued in the mountains

This week another incident took place, which shows that it is necessary to respect the weather in Cyprus.

5 people got lost in the mountains – a family of 2 adults and 3 kids who arrived to the picnic. For several hours they were wandering along the forest covered in snow and called for help only when kids started to get hypothermia (the temperature was below zero). All of them were rescued, but medical assistance was required.

Currently up in the mountains the air temperature is quite cold and forests are covered with snow. The weather forecasters, however, are promising that arrival of spring is just around the corner.

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