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25 Mar 2017
Top News of the Week

Антониу Гуттереш

 The Cyprus problem is being discussed in New-York: Who will back down?

The Cyprus problem was in the centre of attention during this week. President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades discussed the possible solutions with the UN Secretary-General in New-York.

Currently, the two sides are trying to get back to the negotiations table. The Turkish side left withdrew from the process due to the legislation concerning celebration of Enosis referendum of 1950. Mustafa Akinci is demanding to cancel this decision. Apparently, there is a way to do that- the Parliament adopted the relevant amendment. However, it remain unclear whether the Cyprus government will use this opportunity. Nicos Anastasiades disagreed with the above legislation, however he also condemned Akinci’s reaction as well.

According to the surveys, the majority of the Cypriots (79% of the respondents) are against any trade-offs with Turks, even if that will be the deciding factor.

Limassol police is searching for a gang of burglars.

The Limassol police is searching for the gang of burglars, who were breaking in to various apartments. Theie victims are usually residents of high-class neighborhoods, including Russin citizens.

Quite recently, another such crime was registered. The criminal broke into the house through the balcony and stole a steel safe weighing more than 300 kg, by ripping it off the wall, whilst the owners were not at home. The approximate value of the stolen goods is 250,000 EUR – in cash and jewelry. The contents were not insured and the alarm system was not working in the house.

The police reminds the public that it is necessary to adhere to the simple security rules even in such a calm country as Cyprus.

Compromise has been reached: Lifeguards will get the new equipment

The Ministry of Interior of Cyprus managed to avoid the strike of the beach lifeguards. They were planning to start the strike on the 1st of April- on the day of opening of the swimming season. The reason for such action remained the same – lack of staff, high work load and aged equipment.

The Ministry acknowledged the problems and promised to take the necessary steps. During the emergency meeting, it was decided to extend the working hours and over-time will be paid. Also 130,000 EUR were allocated for the purchase of modern equipment.

Last year, the lifeguards were drawing attention to the existing problems numerous times. Due to shortage of staff, few people, inclusing foreign tourists, have drowned.

Cyprus national team beat Kazakhstan 3:1 in a friendly match

This week, the Cyprus national team made their fans happy by winning the friendly match with Kazakhstan 3:1.

The Head Coach pointed  that this victory was psychologically important. Currently the National team is preparing for the qualifiers for the World Cup 2018 which will be in Russia. Therefore this victory must inspire confidence for the upcoming games.

Summer time: Cyprus turns clocks 1 hour forward

As usual, the clock are set 1 hour forward on the night of the last Sunday of March. This is done for the economy reasons, however this procedure is being continuously debated over the last years.

Cyprus, as well as part of the EU adjusts the clocks twice per year, however the authorities of the occupied areas have stopped doing that last year (following Turkey’s example). So in winter, there was a 1 hour difference between the two sides.

Russia also does not change the clocks. so in summer Cyprus and Moscow will be in the same time zone again.

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