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27 May 2016
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Столовые приборы

President of Cyprus has refused to attend the lunch due to disrespect of the Turkish officials.

The visit of the President of Cyprus to Turkey has ended with a scandalous event. Nicos Anastasiades has interrupted his visit and left the country to show his protest. The reason was not a mere violation of the diplomatic protocol (this kind of things sometimes can happen), but the attempt of Turkey to demonstratively intervene in the reunification process of Cyprus. Moreover, it is done when both side have finally managed to reach a consensus. Last week Anastasiades and Akinchi have announced their plan to reunify the island by the end of 2016. Yet Ankara only after few days shows tremendous disrespect to the Cyprus authorities. The essence of the conflict was that the President of Cyprus has discovered that the leader of Turkish0Cypriots was also invited to attend the lunch together with Anastasiades, thus trying to show that positions of two leaders are equal. Of course, the leader of Cyprus could not tolerate that, because among the two, it is the Republic of Cyprus which is the recognized state, whereas the other is territory which is occupied by Turkey and is not a recognized state. Therefore, it is impossible to compare the two. This was the reason for President Anastasiades to urgently leave from Turkey and to fly to Athens, to visit his closest ally, where his decision was supported by the Greek authorities.

The results of the Parliamentary elections in Cyprus

The official results of the elections are that 8 political parties managed to secure seats in the Cyprus Parliament. The victory was celebrated by DISY- the party which supports the President and they have secured 19 seats out of 56. This is however not enough to pass any legislation through the Parliament independently. Therefore, they need to form a coalition with other parties, yet its composition is still unclear. The Progressive Communist Party, which came second on the elections with 15 mandates, will be part of the opposition. The DIKO on the third place (with 9 seats) is another democratic arty. All other parties are not represented ssufficiently in order to affect the creation of new legislation anyway. The first Parliamentary session is already set for the 2nd of June. The experts however, are not discussing much the results of the elections, but the number of people who have casted their vote- only 66% of the voters have expressed their opininon and this figure is significantly less than 5 years ago at previous elections.

Property prices are rising due to increased demand from foreign clients.

Good news for the economics sector this week- the properties in Cyprus are regaining popularity among the foreign investors. The Real Estate agencies have reported a significant increase of the sale and that there are a lot of foreign purchasers. The Land Registry has reported an increase of sales by 35% in April of this year in comparison with April of 2015. The highest increase is in the resort areas- Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos. The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia is not very popular among the purchasers. The number of foreign clients has also doubled.

Best beaches in Europe are in Cyprus.

Кипрские морские пляжи – лучшие в Европе. Агентство по окружающей среде на неделе опубликовало результаты своих исследований по качеству воды в странах ЕС. Так вот, на пляжах нашего острова ситуация практически везде отличная! Более того, специалисты отмечают положительную динамику, то есть, проще говоря, будет еще лучше, а значит и чище. Были исследованы более 20 тыс. мест для купания по всей Европе. Не все так хорошо в Испании, Франции и Италии. В лидерах, помимо Кипра, также Мальта и Греция. Так что пора на море!

The environmental agency of the EU has published the results of study aimed to evaluate the sea water quality in the EU – the Beaches in Cyprus are the best! THis is because on almost all of the beaches in Cyprus are in excellent conditions. Moreover, the experts have acknowledged the positive progress- the situation promises to only get better. More than 20,000 locations around Europe were studied in the survey. The situation is not very good in Spain, France and Italy. However, Malta and Greece have joined Cyprus as the other leaders in the EU.