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30 Jun 2017
Week’s Top Stories

Конференция по Кипру

Cyprus future talks. The conference on island’s unification has started

The main political news of the week is a new conference on Cyprus, which started in Switzerland. The delegations met in the town of Crans-Montana. It is not clear yet, for how many days the meeting will last. It was noted though on the first day that the parties should be ready to stay in Switzerland for as long as necessary.

The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres sent greetings to the participants of the conference and noted that a new round of talks opens the possibility for a real reunification of the island and urged the parties not to miss this chance. The meeting is attended by the leaders of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities of the island, representatives of the guarantor countries – Greece, Britain and Turkey, as well as observers from the EU and the UN.

As Espen Barth Eide, a special UN Adviser told reporters that the security issue remains a stumbling block and since parties hold different opinions on the issue, there is still much work to be done.

By the way, the most amusing moment of this conference is related to Eide, who was left at Geneva airport. He was supposed to fly with president Anastasiades, but the absence of the UN special Adviser was noticed only 10 minutes after the departure… they had to come back to pick him.

The largest in Europe. Massive casino will be built in Cyprus

Europe’s largest casino will be built in Limassol. The Government of Cyprus supported the idea of ​​an international consortium, who offered the project and won the tender.

According to the project, the casino will offer almost one and a half hundred tables for roulette and card games. There will also be 1200 slot machines. The hotel will be built for five hundred rooms of varying degrees of comfort. In addition, the project has a large spa complex and a concert hall for fifteen hundred guests.

The construction of the casino will create almost 4 thousand new jobs, and the flow of tourists can increase by 300 thousand people annually.

85 euro for a seat belt. Police conducted a week-long raid

This week Cyprus police continued intensive checks of drivers on island’s roads. This time, safety belts again became the main focus. As a result, more than a thousand fines were issued, each for 85 euro.

The police would like to remind that use of a seat belt is compulsory for driver and passengers. Quite often, deaths of people in the accident could be avoided if everyone would be using seat belts.

Cyprus police has also started detailed checks of motorists. The raids are now being carried out regularly. Use of seat belts, driving user the influence of alcohol, use of mobile phones – this all will costs a lot of money, if traffic rules will be neglected.

How much should a sunbed cost? Explanations from the authorities

Around 700 new sunbeds and 350 umbrellas will be installed in the coming days on Larnaca beaches. Money for the purchase of new beach equipment was allocated by the municipality to fight against violations of tourist rights.

During the high season, there is always a problem with insufficient amount of beach equipment. The beach staff quite often is charging extremely high price for the sunbeds and requesting a reservation fee.

Cyprus Consumers Association noted that the price for beach umbrella or sunbed should not exceed 2.5 euro for the whole day all over Cyprus. Even if you have temporarily left the beach, the place for you should be preserved. Be sure to request a receipt from the beach staff and do not forget that all beaches in Cyprus can be used free of charge.

You can also come with your towel, and no one has the right to ask you to leave. Go and enjoy the beach, water is getting really warm!

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