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Blue Circle Engineering: gas home systems in Cyprus

Blue Circle Engineering is a subsidiary of Thermofast Ltd., and is specialized in the installation of systems using liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a source of energy savings.

The Blue Circle company has been working in the Cypriot market for 23 years and was the first to:

  • Develop and implement central gas equipment systems for buildings in Cyprus;
  • Replace equipment operating on diesel fuel in the LPG system;
  • Import and install air conditioning systems that use reduced amounts of gas;
  • Create LPG filling stations for elevators.

KINGAbout the Blue Circle Engineering

Blue Circle’s service team is made up of skilled, tech-savvy staff with years of experience, which ensures high quality installation and reliable maintenance.

The expert technical team of the company is the only one in this field to receive a Certificate of Qualification for apprenticeship training (CITB) United Kingdom (the state body dealing with issues of training of qualified professionals in the industry).

Impeccable reputation and employees continuously maintain the leading position of the company in the area of ​​liquefied petroleum gas.

Service Standards

The qualifications of the company correspond to the high UK standard Prototype BS 5500 and ISO 9001.

The company’s clients include British bases and national hospitals who have entrusted Blue Circle plant systems and central heating boilers, as well as their subsequent maintenance.

Services of the Blue Circle Engineering

Blue Circle EngineeringWhen mounting systems using LPG, the company takes responsibility for:

  • Studying the area
  • Design
  • Equipment installation
  • Equipment service

Heating systems can be installed to any premises such as homes, hospitals, greenhouses and heated swimming pools.

Blue Circle ensures that the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions are found to meet the customer’s needs prior to installation.



  • Heating;
  • Conditioning;
  • Dust extraction system;
  • Auto home control system;

Equipment installation

The company promotes the use of gas and diesel replacement systems to systems with gas equipment, the main feature of which is energy savings.


Gas equipment and replacement of equipment running on fuel oil and petroleum products are mainly used in:

  • Blue Circle EngineeringBakeries;
  • Pizzerias;
  • Dairy industry;
  • Laundry;
  • Restaurants;
  • Hotels;
  • Greenhouses;
  • Industry;
  • Hospitals.

Use of gas in industry

  • It reduces the cost of production and reduces pollution.
  • It has lower maintenance costs.
  • It protects the equipment as a result of the most complete combustion.

Blue Circle EngineeringCar fuels

Blue Circle is engaged in promotion of liquefied carbon dioxide in the car market.

Gas not only replaces traditional liquid fuel, but can also significantly increase its nominal power. Cars refilled with LPG are safer and much cheaper to drive than a gasoline or diesel model.

Liquefied petroleum gas is about 45% less than a litre of gasoline and diesel fuel, which tends to lead to annual savings of up to 40% on fuel costs.


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