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Cp. Foodlab: chemical and microbiological testing in Cyprus

Cp. Foodlab laboratory offers solutions for industrial production companies, including manufactures with high environmental and hygienic risk. Laboratory also provides services to the government sector, individuals, hotels and catering enterprises, pharmaceutical companies, as well as foreign enterprises and firms.

Laboratory in Cyprus. Food and industrial testing

  • Foodlab Chemical and Microbiological Lab in CyprusFoodlab was established in 1991 with the goal to offer hygienic laboratory services and improve the quality of produced water and food industry products. Growing demand for laboratory services, allowed introducing environmental analysis in 1994.
  • Next step of growth and development for Foodlab was introducing of specialized laboratory services in pharmaceutical industry in 1996. It was determined by the rapid growth in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.
  • In 2006, the laboratory launched a research department, which participates in various projects at national and international levels.
  • Today, the professional team of laboratory includes employees with different academic degrees and various specializations. The laboratory examines more than 20 thousand samples of various materials a year, covering most of the local demand on the island.

Laboratory staff

All employees of the laboratory are graduates of recognized universities, and most of them have received postgraduate diploma and have completed PhD studies in the field.

After starting of employment with the laboratory and completing the initial training, each staff member is attending internal and external training seminars on various subjects, mainly on the research quality related issues.

As part of research work done at the laboratory, team members are regularly publishing their scientific findings and research results, as well as participating in the conferences and collaborating with other researchers.

Specialization of Foodlab laboratory staff members includes:

  • Foodlab Chemical and Microbiological Lab in Cypruschemistry;
  • biology;
  • microbiology;
  • veterinary;
  • biochemistry;
  • food technology;
  • chemical engineering;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • agricultural engineering.

Foodlab laboratory services

Testing and research to improve:

  • the quality of food-feed;
  • the quality of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, disinfecting and cleaning products;
  • the quality of environment;
  • the quality of packaging;
  • the overall life quality;
  • the quality of various services;
  • training and education in the fields of laboratory’s specialization;
  • research for creating and developing new product and services;
  • basic development and research.

Foodlab products

Modified magnetic graphene material:

  • Modified magnetic graphene material for the microextraction of a wide gamut of organic compounds;
  • Guarantees fast analysis time, easy handling, no clogging problems, excellent reproducilibility and adequate limits of detection;
  • Typical applications include phthalates, pesticides and determination of musks.

Magnetic polydivynilbenzene styrene material:

  • Magnetic polydivynilbenzene styrene material for the microextraction of a wide gamut of organic compounds;
  • Guarantees fast analysis time, easy handling, no clogging problems, excellent reproducilibility and adequate detection limits;
  • Typical applications include PAHs, phthalates, pesticide and determination of musks.


Laboratory Accreditation

In order to promote global trade, international organisations have developed a specific set of regulations, rules and procedures for ensuring compliance with common standard, identification and verifiability of laboratory results regardless of testing laboratory and its location. In accordance with these procedures and rules, each country is required to establish a National Accreditation Body (Council), responsible for controlling and monitoring laboratories.

In 2002 National Accreditation Body did not exist in Cyprus and cp. Foodlab ltd made a decision to apply to the Greek National Accreditation Body (ESYD) for accreditation according to the quality management standard for laboratories and testing organizations EN/ISO 17025. In January 2003, laboratory became the first organization in Cyprus to receive accreditation. Laboratory got the approval and accreditation for a significant number of microbiological and chemical research methods. From the year 2002 up until June of 2015 cp. Foodlab was included in the ESYD accreditation list.

After relevant EU directive came into force in 2014, requiring all laboratories to be registered and accredited by the National Accreditation Body, Cp. Foodlab Ltd applied to Cyprus Organisation for the Promotion of Quality (KOPP) to transfer and approve its accreditation. Cp. Foodlab was successfully audited and included in the KOPP accreditation lists in June 2015.

The laboratory was accredited in accordance with the international standard, where a number of parameters, including microbiological and analytical techniques and capabilities were examined and evaluated.

GMP standard — Good Manufacturing Practice

At the request of customers from the pharmaceutical industry, the laboratory applied for a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard certificate, which gives permission to conduct analysis and research in the pharmaceutical industry. The laboratory was tested by the pharmaceutical group of the Ministry of Health and received the GMP standard in 2013.


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