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Thermodynamics: fireplaces and stoves in Cyprus

Thermodynamics is an official partner of leading suppliers of quality gas and wood-burning stoves and fireplaces. All fireplaces offered by Thermodynamics have been rewarded European safety and efficiency certificates.

Thermodynamics has 2 exhibition halls located in Nicosia and Paphos.

Fireplaces in Cyprus

Thermodynamics gas and wood burning stoves and fires in CyprusBarbas

Barbas fireplaces are reliable and environmentally friendly. Officially established in 1976, Barbas brand has become a brand name strongly associated with quality wood-burning fireplaces. Fireplaces are designed and manufactured according to the individual preferences of customers.


Bellfires is associated with relaxing, easy and comfortable atmosphere. Being produced by Interfocos since 1928, Bellfires fireplaces have become leaders in the gas fireplace market. Products are developed and manufactured to individual orders.

J Wells & Sons Ltd

J Wells & Sons Ltd founded in 1972 is a private family company that specializes in development and production of high quality multifuel and wood burning stoves. Being the oldest British manufacturer of wood burning stoves, the company provides exceptionally reliable and high-quality products with practical and convenient design.


The company Rocal, founded in 1982, creates a wide range of metal fireplaces, which will help making any home cosy and comfortable. More than 30 years experience in the production of home fireplaces is a guarantee for the exceptional quality of the products offered.


Thermodynamics Thermodynamics Thermodynamics

Advantages of wood fireplaces

Firewood and wood generally is a natural source of renewable energy on our planet. When used correctly, firewood is an excellent producer of heat, which is being accumulated indoors, thus creating comfortable and relaxing environment inside the home on cold winter days and nights.

Wood fireplaces are environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

All fireplaces and stoves offered by Thermodynamics are equipped with the advanced “clean burn” or “second combustion” technology, which allows for the gases released during the first combustion to be ignited repeatedly.

The “second combustion” technology not only significantly reduces the emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, but also gives more heat and thermal energy. Fireplaces with the “clean burn” system are called Eco-Energy and were created for keeping clean environment, clean house and clean chimney.


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