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Detective agency Cyprus Detectives – EK Private EYE Investigators

Do you need help of a private detective? Detective agency Cyprus Detectives – EK Private EYE Investigators offers the services of its licensed private investigators and professional detectives.

Detective agency Cyprus Detectives – EK Private EYE Investigators works with its clients and its ethos is: «PROFESSIONALISM and CONFIDENTIALITY, LOYALTY and TRUST!» Company specialists have hundreds of successful cases, investigations and impeccably fulfilled tasks behind them.


Private EYE InvestigatorsPrivate EYE InvestigatorsPrivate EYE Investigators

The agency employs professional and highly-qualified investigators, whose work is known for its perseverance, outstanding investigative skills, professional use of specialist technical devices, and legal awareness.

Agency specialists can tackle tasks of various levels:

Private EYE Investigators

Corporate level

  • reports about company operations
  • insurance investigations.
  • investigations of swindling.

Expert level

  • digital forensics.
  • Private EYE Investigatorsmobile forensics.
  • data integrity control.

Personal level

  • revealing infidelity.
  • check of a life style of a person you are interested in.
  • monitoring of private persons.

These is only some of possible services offered by detective agency Cyprus Detectives – EK Private EYE Investigators.

Agency specialists use the latest methods of information receipt and protection:

  • Private EYE Investigators

    protection from satellite tracking.

  • сollection of information from computers and mobile devices.
  • restoration and receipt of information on SD cards and SIM-cards.
  • analysis and transcription of audio and video records.
  • protection from telephone tapping.

International recognition of the agency testifies to the high quality of its work.

Cyprus Detectives – EK Private EYE Investigators is a full member of the following international associations : World Association of Detectives (WAD), the World Association of Private Investigators (WAPI), the International Organization of Private Investigation Agencies (IOPIA), the Investigations Worldwide Association (IWWA), the Council of International Investigators (CII), and the National Association of Investigation Specialists (NAIS).


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Evagoras Georgiou
Evagoras Georgiou
7 years ago

I don’t know about but Away from
I was customer of their service. I pay them to spy my wife what job was doing. The only thing they find after three weeks was the flat, no photos and except this they gave us wrong place.
When i asked my money back they threat me with fine 50,000 euros for detraction of their company and that they will inform the police because as they considered my refund as threat so I don’t recommend to anybody to spend his/her money to these people.
Vote Up and share so not other people loose their money for nothing.

Cyprus Detectives
Cyprus Detectives
6 years ago is a different company,
TEL: 70001616
MOB: +35796523042