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Plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Dimitris Stavrou


Доктор Димитрис СтавроуDoctor Dimitris Stavrou was born in Nicosia and descended from a family of doctors. Therefore the dedication and integrity of the medical world was instilled in him from an early age.

Doctor Stavrou studied medicine in (Аthens), and went on to specialize in plastic surgery in Chaim Sheba Medical Centre at Tel HaShomer (Isrrael). He learnt the latest methods of cosmetic plastic surgery from internationally acclaimed physicians.

Dimitris Stavrou has demonstrated special interest and carried out research in the rehabilitation process after cosmetic breast surgery and also after operations in curing morbid obesity. He also had a chance to study special reconstruction methods (facelift), techniques in remedial measures after burns and skin cancer.

Doctor Dimitris Stavrou always updates his professional skills and tries to use the latest plastic surgery methods. Thanks to his business ties with key medical centers abroad Doctor Stavrou has access to the latest developments in the sphere of plastic surgery and medicine.

Dimitris Stavrou publishes articles in international scientific magazines and participates in scientific research programs regularly.

Меdical office

Doctor Dimitris Stavrou’s medical office is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00, on Saturdays from 9:00 tо 13:00. Appointment by telephone 22 377259.

Demetris Stavrou’s Clinic


Клиника пластической хирургии доктора Димитриса СтавроуКлиника пластической хирургии доктора Димитриса СтавроуКлиника пластической хирургии доктора Димитриса Ставроу

The clinic is located in Nicosia on avenue Digeni Akrita 76, аpartment 2. There is a free parking lot for patients in front of the building. If you want to receive consultation for botox or other filler injections, you can get in touch with personnel of the clinic and make an appointment.

Skin care cosmetics may be purchased during working hours without an appointment.


Здоровье и красота

Everybody knows that the most common way to prevent wrinkles on the forehead and temporal region (crow’s feet) is botox/dysport.

The popular Brow lift involves moving your eyebrows to the place of their natural location with a simultaneous decrease of the number of wrinkles on the forehead and temples. For more detailed information click HERE

You can receive additional information about significant weight loss after surgery due to obesity resulting in an excess of the subcutaneous layer, which can be restored with the help of a special cosmetic treatment, click HERE


Клиника пластической хирургии доктора Димитриса СтавроуКлиника пластической хирургии доктора Димитриса Ставроу

For Information about Breast reconstruction operations aimed at forming a new breast to replace a natural breast if the breast was damaged by cancerous growth аnd also treatment or prevention of pathological processes developing in the breast click HERE

If you decide to undertake cosmetic treatment, payment for the first visit is deducted from the total of your future surgery. If your payment is covered by an insurance company, you will have to present proof of the cover by informing your insurance agent beforehand and receiving confirmation from him.


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