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Toy Tower – toys shops in Cyprus

A network of toy shops in Limassol, Pafos and Nicosia

The best quality at an affordable price is the key slogan of the company. The shops offer European goods on the basis of exclusive contracts with companies. This is a guarantee of quality and safety. Prices for toys differ greatly – you can find a toy for 2 or 1,500 Euros.

The toys which are offered in Toy Tower are not sold in other shops as a rule, while goods presented in other places are not sold in Toy Tower. Your gift will be unique!

Age groups

Toy Tower presents toys for children of all age groups — from 0 to 99. Yes! Railroads and racing courses which decorate the shop window often become a hobby for men who remained boys in their hearts. Logical games and puzzles will be interesting for everyone at any age.

Toy Tower

Toys shops in Cyprus

The Toy Tower shops are located in central streets of Limassol, Pafos and Nicosia, and parking is organized for the convenience of customers.

Professional shop assistants speak Russian, English and Greek, and in Nicosia also Turkish.

The design of the shops is unique – bright shop windows, spacious, and game zones for children are organized.

Service for customers

For your convenience Toy Tower offers exchange slips (if you do not like a gift, you can exchange it), gift vouchers and packaging.

Each toy comes with a description in Russian, English and Greek. After- sales service is offered for all the goods.

The grownup world for children

Playing different occupations is one of a child’s favourite games. Toy Tower offers whole thematic solutions for future professionals:

  • for cooks, housewives and shop assistants, toy kitchen Miele and Bocsh, ovens, coffee brewers, mixers, toasters, microwave ovens, various crockery, and a whole shop of toy vegetables, fruit, sausages, cheeses, sets for breakfasts and other things are on sale here. It is important to note that all food is made of ecologically clean wood and is absolutely safe. Plus, washing machines, ironing boards, dryers for clothes, vacuum cleaners, brooms, mops, dust trays, tills, weights, sets of money and other things;
  • Toy Tower“young veterinarians” and lovers of zoos will be happy to receive over a hundred types of HermannTeddy and Schaffer stuffed animals from Germany – from tiny to huge. Dogs and cats, parrots and owls, elephants and tigers, bears and boars, penguins and sharks. The whole world of toy fauna is also available to you. In addition, young collectors can choose a small collectible animal of out of over 200 varieties from Safari from the U.S.;
  • future doctors, firemen, policemen, hairdressers and gardeners will find multiple sets, or can make up a set by collecting items individually. German producer Klein has made an effort to do its best to satisfy any demand;
  • for young military men and cowboys a special arms room is prepared, where they can choose all the necessary equipment out of dozen types of rifles, pistols, automatic guns, bows with arrows, slingshots and of course, ammunition for it all.

Toys for girls in Cyprus

Toy Tower is a paradise for girls. Popular brands Baby Born and Baby Annabell offer the whole world for future mothers- dolls which you can feed, put on a potty, bathe, dress and take for a walk.

If you buy a doll once, you will not need to worry about what to give as a gift next time – the choice of accessories is huge. All goods are unique by their closeness to real life – dolls can even cry!

Spanish brand Paola Reina offers dolls made of a material in which vanilla is added – the dolls are sweet with one of the children’s favourite smells.

Not only dolls are on sale but also an extensive wardrobe, where a purchased dress will create a new toy for the child.


Toy TowerToy Tower

Toys for boys in Cyprus

Bright boxes branded Carrera delighted me. Inside were radio guided cars- racing cars, firefighting vehicles, sports cars- the whole lot. For instance, a firefighting vehicle with a real fire hose, which produces a water jet 6 metres long, and how about an electric radio guided car, which can reach a speed up to 50 km/h?

The eyes of a boy who has not played enough in his childhood rushed between quadcopters and powerful speedy motor boats. All models are equipped with accumulators with charging devices as one unit. Imagine a firefighting motor boat equipped with a loudspeaker, which carries the voice of the child speaking into a microphone on the switchboard?!

Toy TowerA racing track, which will amuse a group of friends for many hours, comes with a computer programme that calculates the virtual amount of fuel in each car and limits its speed, the driver of the toy racing car has to think of the strategy of the race, including the number of stops for refueling and other parameters.

The racing cars are packed with electronics; Special devices can understand the type of the covering, understand dry asphalt, lawn and even puddles, which can be glued to any part of the course, turning every race into a unique adventure. Goods branded Siku are precise radio guided copies of real cars.

A railway. Who never dreamt of this miracle when he was boy? Big Jigs is a whole world of wooden toys. There is a basic set for the youngest children with endless possibilities to add and expand to, and

Brand Piko is for older children. All-weather garden railways which can be installed outside, are appealing not only to children, but also ‘grownup boys’.

Toys for teens in Cyprus

I want to bring your attention first of all to developmental games by French producer Sento Sphere.

Unique sets for children’s crafts- the production of perfume, soap, polishes, chocolate figurines – all the things girls love.

There are more serious sets from German brand KOSMOS for future scientists – young chemists and physicians, designers and engineers. These are real educational games where the basics of the universe are presented in the form of a game.

There are also goods for schoolchildren – unique good quality pencil cases, rucksacks, lunch boxes, sharpeners, pencils and other goods, German made. It was here that I saw a very unusual item – a small trolley bag which is… radio guided! Speed is 5 km/h! I would call this product A Happy Young Traveller.


Toy TowerToyTower presents a wide range of models, starting with small copies, which should be carefully glued together from a given set and then painted from the Revell brand, to ‘real’ BMWs and RangeRovers.

We are now talking about cars on accumulator batteries, which can be guided while sitting inside them. They are not ordinary vehicles made as copies of famous brands. “The toys” are equipped with official licenses from “grownup” producers, so the child can become a full owner of, say, a Bentley, or a three-wheeled bicycle which has the right to bear the BMW logo.

Toy Tower is a wonderful world filled with joy and children’s laughter. Here you can buy a gift for any taste and budget, the quality and the uniqueness of the toy will be the same.


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