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Heataircon: technological infrastructure for home and office

HeatairconA summer in Cyprus cannot be imagined without heat, while in winter it is difficult to stay indoors without heating.

This is why the installation of a conditioning or heating system in Cyprus is especially important. But you have to turn to professionals to have all the systems work efficiently.

The company Heataircon, which has a good position in the Cypriot market, is among them.

Heataircon has been working in the Cyprus market for 35 years and is a family owned business – the C. Hadjigeorgiou & Sons Ltd group of companies.

At present the company works autonomously, having moved to an office of its own measuring 2,000 sq. m. The new premises host offices fully equipped with audiovisual devices, a conference hall and warehouses.

Company specialists have accumulated extensive experience, have established links with suppliers and clients and have done a thorough market analysis during the long years of operation.

All this has equipped the company with the possibility of implementing technical solutions in accordance with the needs of each client as efficiently as possible.



The company offers equipment by well known and reputable suppliers such as BIASI, FERROLI, ECOFLAM, RBM, EMMETI, PINTOSSI, TONON, ZILMET (Италия) WILO, SIEMENS AQUATHERM (Germany), TOYOTOMI (Japan), FRAGMAT, THERMOSOLAR (Slovenia). This is by far not a full list of companies that have entrusted Heataircon with the right to represent them on the market of Cyprus.

The company offers a full range of services of selection, installation and technical maintenance of conditioners, boilers, water supply facilities and central heating, and offers comprehensive solutions for the best results.



Heataircon’s core principle in relation with clients is a combination of a high level of service and the speed of implementation of solutions at competitive prices.

Company clients are offered a wide choice of all existing systems of air conditioning, water supply, heating, boilers, etc.

Climate control units of Heataircon’s suppliers have high operational characteristics, advanced filtration technologies were used in their production. This is why, apart from their main functions, they ensure perfect cleanliness of air.

Apart from equipment sales, Heataircon company specialists provide consultations, design and installation of all types of conditioning, heating, water supply and other systems.

Clients of the Heataircon company note punctuality and accuracy of employees, a high level of service at installation and after-sale service, аs well as timely technical support.

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