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Ioannou Alternative Energy: Renewable Energy in Cyprus

Ioannou Alternative Energy’s Profile

Ioannou Alternative Energy

The Ioannou Alternative Energy Company was established in 2003 and was probably one of the first companies in Cyprus dealing with renewable energy.

The company works in the field of renewable energy and is involved in energy conservation in existing enterprises, or co-generation of electricity-heating / cooling.

The company’s team consists of professional engineers, economists and lawyers expert in the field of solar and wind energy, and general renewable energy systems.

Ioannou Alternative Energy’s achievements

The Ioannou Alternative Energy Company is a Member of the Association of Companies for Renewable Energy Sources (SEAPEK).

It is the first in Cyprus to hold the internationally recognized Photovoltaic Installer Certificate PVTRIN – Certification by TUV that the PV systems are designed, installed and inspected in accordance with standard EN 62446.

Renewables and energy saving solutions in Cyprus

The areas Ioannou Alternative Energy is involved in are:

  • Ioannou Alternative EnergyPhotovoltaic systems;
  • Wind energy systems (large/commercial and small);
  • Solar systems;
  • Biomass;
  • Geothermal, landfill and sewage waste utilization systems, and desalination using RES.

The company provides studies, construction, maintenance and financial analysis of energy and turn-key projects.

Ioannou Alternative Energy deals with such product types as:

  • Net-Metering Systems (for households);
  • electricity production for self-consumption (for commercial buildings);
  • competitive electricity market (for investors);
  • autonomous systems (with batteries);
  • LED lights;
  • Solar lights;
  • Solar pumps ;
  • Biomass & Pellets;
  • Heating & Cooling;
  • Energy saving.

Net-Metering Systems for Households in Cyprus

Ioannou Alternative Energy

Ioannou Alternative Energy is the company with the maximum number of existing Net Metering systems in Cyprus, with more than 500 integrated installations in all districts. So, under the new Cyprus Renewable Energy Promotion Projects, 5000 homes per year will have the right to install a photovoltaic system of maximum 3kWp.

The purpose of Net Metering is that the consumer pays as little as possible for electricity due to the energy being produced through photovoltaic systems. The EAC metre is placed in homes and shows the kilowatt hours (kWh) consumed in a two month period, and based on this calculates the amount to be paid after the addition of fees, surcharges, VAT etc. Roughly, each domestic consumer pays approximately €0.28 for each kWh consumed.

In the case of Net Metering, one metre calculates the difference between the kWh consumed and kWh produced from the Photovoltaic System, and ultimately it’s this difference that will be paid.

Ideally consumers should produce as much they consume.

The system of 3kWp will save about €1400 per year from the accounts of the EAC. (If your electricity needs are less install a smaller/cheaper system (e.g. 2kWp), if on the other your needs are greater then you will just pay the difference).


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