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K+D Pharmacy the Chemists Paphos

The owners of K&D the Chemists, Kleopas and Dora Hadjicharalambous, started their Pharmacy in 1995, providing their services for more than 20 years.

You will regularly see them at their workplace consulting with customers and finding solutions to their problems, providing excellent pharmaceutical knowledge, always with a smile, and actively supporting the people who come to them for help.

Kleopas HadjicharalambousPharmaceutical Services

The Hadjicharalambous are qualified Pharmacists. Dora studied in Muenster, Germany, and Kleopas received his education in Greece, later practicing in Germany. Both speak excellent German.

It’s not always easy finding the medicine you are accustomed to when travelling abroad, but at their Pharmacy the staff will skilfully select the correct items for you, or order them if necessary. The items are normally delivered the following day.

Kleopas and Dora will sincerely help in any way they can, and can even recommend a specialist if required.

Friendly Russian speaking staff are available to assist in consultations for those Russian speakers who may have problems with English or Greek.


A wide range of cosmetic products are on offer, including famous brands such as VICHY, REN, CORPOLIBERO, ROSVEDA, PURELOGICOL, AHAVA, NUXE, APIVITA, KORRES and Dermo-cosmetics such as LA ROCHE POSAY, AVENE, URIAGE and FREZYDERM.

The pharmacy has comprehensive facial care products for all the cosmetic brands mentioned above.

All of the products are of high quality and are guaranteed safe to use.

Most of the products are natural and without parabens or chemicals. Also a variety of products are hypo-allergic, without perfume, and specifically made for sensitive skin.

If you have any enquiries regarding the products, or need help finding which is best for your skin type, a Beauty Advisor in the pharmacy can help you make the right decision.


K+D Pharmacy the Chemists PaphosK+D Pharmacy the Chemists PaphosK+D Pharmacy the Chemists Paphos

K+D Pharmacy the Chemists PaphosCosmetics for men

Skincare products for men are becoming more and more popular.

K&D the Chemists offer a whole section of products for men, including a line from APIVITA, REN, ROSVEDA, AHAVA, VICHY and KORRES .Worth remembering when choosing a gift!

Dermoanalysis with Dermo Prime: Taking care of your skin’s health

K+D Pharmacy the Chemists PaphosWhen you’re looking in the mirror every day, it’s not always easy to spot the subtle changes that take place on your skin. With DERMOPRIME skin analyser you can test the condition of your skin, and assess the results of your current cosmetic products in terms of moisture, pores, elasticity, evenness and wrinkles.

The Dermo Prime device takes pictures of different areas of the skin with the help of a special SONY micro camera.

The analyser is not only working on the surface of the skin, but reaches deep into the skin layers. It analyses the data received from the pictures, and then provides results, together with skin care recommendations and what products to use.

It’s recommended that your skin is tested again after three months to assess the effectiveness of the skin care programme. This unique technology is offered FREE to customers.

Health & Diet

There are a variety of supplements that can be used during the course of a diet to aid in weight loss by activating the metabolism. These are natural supplements, and you can ask for them from the pharmacist who can recommend the appropriate one for you. Furthermore, the well-known dieting programme “Prevent” is available in the Pharmacy. Prevent is a special dietary programme with meal replacements. You can combine the replacement shakes with your normal food for significant weight loss. Body measurements are taken before and during the diet programme until the set goal is achieved.

K+D Pharmacy the Chemists PaphosVitamins

A variety of food supplements and vitamins are available in their pharmacies. Such supplements are used to support the nervous system, sleep, anxiety, muscle pain, health of joints and bones, cardiovascular protection, womens’ and mens’ health, immune system, gastrointestinal health, energy, brain function, hair and nails, pregnancy etc.

The staff in the pharmacy can help you find the appropriate supplement for your requirements.

K+D Pharmacy the Chemists PaphosHair Care

K&D the Chemists also have many products for the health of your hair, as well as styling. According to the hair condition – dry, split ends, damaged, oily, sensitive scalp, hair loss and dandruff, a variety of products and brands can be recommended.



K&D the Chemists is not just a pharmacy, but a place where you can drop in for consultations and advice, and where you can be assured of help for any medical or body care issue.

Kleopas & Dora have created a world of caring and helping people with their professionalism and personal involvement.

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