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КМC Shukuroglou Ltd: safes and storage in Cyprus

The company KMC SHUKUROGLOU LTD produces a whole range of safes for homes, offices, professionals, banks and so on.

Established in 1988 by Mr Andreas Kaisisom, KMC Shukuroglou Ltd has taken an active leadership position not only in the Cyprus market but also abroad.

Since 2003, KMC Shukuroglou Ltd has been the exclusive representative of the well-known British brand, Chubbsafes, producing safes and vaults certified against burglary and fire.

КМК Shukuroglou LtdThe company’s products — Chubbsafes:

  • safes;
  • fireproof cabinets;
  • file vault data;
  • storage for multimedia data;
  • storage;
  • doors for storage.

Since 2003, KMC Shukuroglou Ltd has been actively cooperating with the office furniture manufacturer Bisley, ensuring the supply of all kinds of office storage systems and accessories.

That same year, CMC Shukuroglou Ltd signed a cooperation agreement with the company Safeplace, a leading company for the production of safes, to be installed in hotel rooms and hotels providing cover to an entire spectrum of product storage and safes in the Cyprus market.

DuoGuard – KMC Shukuroglou Safes

Manufacturing and service of safes in Cyprus

Microsoft Word - Electronic Hotel Safe.docAlong with a supply of products from leading world companies in the field of secure storage, KMC Shukuroglou Ltd produces its own home safes, wall safes, armoured doors and customised safes.

KMC Shukuroglou Ltd provides the comprehensive technical advice needed to select the correct safe, storage buildings or the appropriate storage system.

The company’s professional team provides installation and ongoing maintenance of all its own and imported products.

All the goods have an extended warranty period, up to 7 years for some types of safes.

There is a showroom for the convenience of customers with an extensive range of products permanently stored in the company’s warehouses, ready for delivery and installation anywhere on the island.

Benefits of Safe KMC Shukuroglou Ltd:

  • 20 years experience in this sector;
  • providing precise technical information;
  • comprehensive customer consultation;
  • high level of service.

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