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The magical and healing properties of stones for jewellery

In memory of an unforgettable holiday in Cyprus, there’s no need to stick to the usual souvenirs, traditional Cypriot products, sweets and wine.

Pay attention to the jewellery and inlaid stones, including those from Cypriot artists, which emphasise your individuality, or will be a great gift for those who know about stones and their magical and curative properties.



This gemstone is saturated purple quartz, which also has a reddish-purple or blue and blue-pink tint depending on the iron impurities it contains.

The most common types of amethyst are pale lilac and purple and are very popular among jewellery lovers. They combine perfectly with other jewellery and look elegant set in silver.

Medicinal and magical properties of amethysts

Products made of amethyst have unusual magical properties — protecting from addictions and finding love for those who are searching.

The stone is used in meditation and various rituals linked to peace of mind, a balanced mind, creativity, getting rid of negativity and so on.

Amethyst has a positive effect on human health, the nervous and endocrine system, helps with insomnia, stress and irritation, is used to treat headaches and skin diseases, and improves blood circulation.

Rings, earrings or a pendant with amethyst will bring happiness and peace of mind.



It is also a variety of quartz — a colourless mineral that attracts the eye with its multi-faceted splendour. Many stories and legends are associated with its origin. The most common of them says the rhinestone (“kristallos”) is water frozen forever, or “ice” in Greek.

Rock crystal is used in the manufacture of industrial and household appliances. Souvenirs and decorative ornaments are produced from it and, of course, jewellery, as it’s as beautiful as a diamond.

Necklaces, earrings, rings and brooches made of rock crystal look elegant and have useful properties.

Healing stones and magic crystal

Rock Crystal is widely used in alternative medicine, lithotherapy, to affect the mental or physical condition of the body, has disinfectant properties, helps eliminate nightmares, calms and positively affects the nervous system.

The most common product made from this is the “crystal ball” and is especially popular with those who are professionally engaged in fortune-telling and use it to “see” into the human soul, to see the past or predict the future.

Rock Crystal also serves as a homemade talisman, bringing happiness, harmony and protection against negative energy.


Crown with rubies

Unlike amethyst and rock crystal, ruby (from the Latin «rubella» — «red») is a gem variety of fiery corundum red, with varying shades — from light pink to dark.

Since ancient times, this rock is the main rival of the diamond as regards imperviousness. Ruby is highly valued by jewellers and is used in the creation of expensive items set in white, red and gold combined with diamonds, to be worn on special occasions.

A stone for good luck and passion

Ruby is a symbol of love, strength and power, endowed with unique magical properties. Faceted gold ruby protects from evil, and reveals qualities such as courage, determination, and commitment.

Bracelets, necklaces and ruby pendants help lovers stay faithful. The stone also favours women who dream of posterity, and it lowers blood pressure, relieves joint pain and a variety of inflammations, and is recommended for dermatosis, rheumatism and arthritis.

This stone will increase leadership skills, achieve success, and helps cope with shortcomings.


Pendant with sapphire

Precious mineral corundum and a type of blue (from the Greek «sappheiros» — «blue»).

Sapphire is a hard gem, has high lustre and is considered one of the most beautiful with a wide range of shades.

Varieties of sapphire and their properties:

  • Blue Sapphire — attracts wealth and success in love, is recommended for people with heart disease and headaches.
  • Black Sapphire — jewellery with this is a potent talisman, protection from evil, negative influences, helps fight depression, gives courage and confidence.
  • Yellow Sapphire (orange, red-orange) — the energy of the stone has very valid properties and protects against damage and the evil eye, helps creative people draw inspiration, gives confidence and helps cope with anxiety.
  • Blue Sapphire — gives the confidence to help find inner harmony and achieve goals.
  • White Sapphire — symbolises faithfulness and purity and can be given to your loved one as a mascot.
  • Pink Sapphire has the properties of a magnet and “attracts” what you think, so you need to be careful and think only good thoughts so as not to cause harm to yourself.
  • Green Sapphire — reveals the ability to understand others and to remember dreams.

Ring with emeraldEmerald

Grass-green colour, a type of beryl. The word “emerald” comes from the Persian “smaragdus” or the old Russian “smaragd.”

These gems come in bright and dark shades of green; the colour saturation depends on the amount of iron and chromium they contain. This stone is not as hard as the ruby and sapphire, and its surface is easily damaged, but thanks to its radiance the stone is considered to be unique and offers a broad scope for the boundless imagination of jewellers.

Emerald is well combined with gold and silver and with all stones, except ruby.

The magical and healing properties of the Emerald

Emerald jewellery eliminates negative energy and is not suitable for people prone to deception and evil. Emerald supports peace in the family and promotes procreation.

For sensitive people, the gem helps cope with stress, fatigue and headaches, normalises blood pressure, treats inflammation of the bladder and gastric diseases.

All of these stones can be an excellent addition to your jewellery collection. In addition to sapphire, ruby, rock crystal, amethyst and emerald, there are moonstones, amber, jade, topaz, agates, etc. Each of them just as attractive and will be discussed next time.