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Mr Stavros Parpisom founded the Stavros Parpis Foodstuffs Ltd company in 1992 and uses advanced machines and technologies to manage the carob.

Stavros Parpis Foodstuffs Ltd is the largest company in the Cyprus market which processes carob. The high growth rate of finished products allows the company to export products to countries such as Greece, Germany, Australia, Egypt, the United States, as well as to take part in major food exhibitions around the world.

Carob products sold by Stavros Parpis Foodstuffs Ltd:

  • syrup;
  • grape syrup;
  • Продукция Parpisflour;
  • Sarobolata (chocolate bar);
  • nutrition bars;
  • candies;
  • dragees;
  • cream;
  • grape cream;
  • liquor;
  • grape liquor;
  • praline;
  • grenadine.

Healthy eating

For many years one of the primary natural sweeteners in the world was carob. All the products made from this fruit are rich in useful minerals and vitamins.

Плитка ParpisLocust contains:

  • 350 mg of calcium per 100g (100g of milk contains 120-130g of calcium);
  • Up to 4% of protein;
  • Up to 63% phosphorous – 180mg per 100g;
  • Vitamin A;
  • Vitamin B;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Iron and many more useful elements.

Compared with chocolate bars, carob is three times richer in calcium, has 17 times less fat and has at least 1.3 fewer calories. Just like chocolate, carob is the perfect dessert for a sweet tooth being both delicious and healthy, as it’s low in fat, calories and caffeine.

Natural products in Cyprus

Продукция Parpis

Carob products are common in Mediterranean countries and especially in Cyprus, known worldwide as a manufacturer of high-quality products from the fruit of the tree.

The limestone land of Cyprus promotes optimal growth of the carob trees and produces delicious products. Cypriot carob trees contain more than 50% natural sugar, which is why there is a high demand on the international market for production of this fruit.

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