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Pets Island: exclusive pet shop in Nicosia

Pets Island in Cyprus offers you a wide choice of food, toys, pet hygiene products and much more for your pet, as well as professional grooming services. If you are undecided about what type of pet you want, the friendly staff will help you choose – there is just about everything there!

If you would like a gecko, a squirrel or an ornamental pig, then Pets Island in Cyprus is waiting for you!

The product range in Cyprus

Located in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, regular customers appreciate this store for its broad range of products and friendly staff!

At Pets Island in Nicosia you will find:

  • Pets Island - Guinea pigsA wide variety of pets – birds, rodents, reptiles, exclusive breeds of cats and dogs.
  • Different types of feed for all kinds of animals – birds, rodents, aquarium fish, snakes, cats and dogs.
  • Hygiene products.
  • Cages and aquariums for living and transportation of your beloved pet.
  • Accessories for maintenance of aquariums and terrariums – temperature lamps, fillings, cleaners and filters for water, water plants and ornaments.
  • Toys for dogs, cats, rodents and parrots.

Pets in Cyprus

At the Pets Island store in Nicosia, there are a large variety of pets available – exotic snakes, iguanas or chameleons, amusing parrots, cute squirrels, faithful dogs or beautiful cats!

Pets Island - DogsAt the Pets Island you can purchase:

  • Parrots;
  • Canaries;
  • Finches;
  • Hamsters;
  • Guinea pigs;
  • Dogs;
  • Cats;
  • Squirrels;
  • Ornamental pigs;
  • Chinchillas;
  • Geckos;
  • Iguanas;
  • Snakes.

The store’s employees will gladly help you make a choice, provide you with information regarding the features and special care of your selected pet, and offer everything you need for your new friend.

Professional grooming in Nicosia

Professional grooming is not just a way to make a pet more beautiful, but also healthier. As you know, regular sessions carried out by an experienced and qualified groomer prevents the development of many diseases.

Pets Island’s professional groomer’s services:

  • Bathing;
  • Pets IslandDrying;
  • Trend Cut;
  • Combing;
  • Laying;
  • Trimming;
  • Cleaning the ears;
  • Trimming of claws;
  • And much more.

Pets Island’s Specialists can advise you on all aspects of pet care and help select the best products and food at the store.

Come to Pets Island and treat your pet!

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