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Kolios butchery

Kolios butcheryKolios butchery started doing business around 30 years ago in Paphos district. The founder of the butchery – Leonidas Kolios, became a butcher by the influence of his father and elder brother.

It used to be a small shop, but it was the only one which was located out of the market place in Paphos. Four years later the owner of the butchey opened a new, bigger shop in Paphos district. Now Kolios butchery is a family business, operated by Leonidas Kolios, his wife, son, niece and daughter. The main idea of the owner was to create a meat boutique, where you can find all you need and experts to teach you all about meat!

Nowadays if there is something that you cannot find in the butchery, it can be ordered and in 1-2 days it will be delivered in the shop for take away.

There is a wide range of different kinds of meat in the butchery:

  • Kolios butcheryAustralian Black Angus fillet steak, ribeye, sirloin;
  • All kind of fresh meat such as pork, lamb, chicken;
  • Game meat (deer, crocodile, pheasant, venison, wild boar, etc.);
  • Duck breasts;
  • Geese;
  • Fresh red tuna (by order in advance);
  • Homemade products such as burgers, kebabs, stuffed chicken, stuffed pork, etc.

In the butchery you can find fresh local products, including the own Kolios meat products and imported meat. Here you can buy all kinds of sausages (pork, turkey, beef with different spices), which the owner makes by himself. Among the wide range of meat you will also discover gluten free products: homemade sausages, sheftalia, beef burgers, hamburgers, sausages from SCHAR company.

Mr. Kolios presents a huge amount of marinated meat to his clients: all types of doner, kebab, sheftalia, beef, chicken and pork burgers and also homemade ravioli with meat (pelmeni) and ravioli with cheese. Every day you can find different types of imported frozen meat: New Zealand’s lamb and black angus, duck, geese and ostrich meat.

Moreover, Kolios butchery is the meat supplier of around 70 restaurants in Paphos.


Kolios butcheryKolios butcheryKolios butchery

Also there are different types of homemade pies presented in the butchery: sausage rolls, pork pies, mushroom pies, chicken and ham pies, beef and onion pies, steak and kidney pies, spinach feta pies and other kinds of pies, which are made daily in order to be as fresh as possible.

In the shop you can also find 80 different types of cheese: blue cheese, all types of cheddar, smoke cheese, goat cheese, halloumi, many types of soft cheese; the cheese is brought to the butchery by local farmers and producers but is also imported by the owner from all the famous regions of Italy, France and other countries.

Kolios butchery

At Kolios butchery you can also buy all possible spices for cooking, sauces and the best choices of olive oil in Paphos. The owner also provides options for your beloved pets: there is food for dogs based on vegetables with minced beef and pork meat.

In addition, every Thursday you can get the following seafood and fish, by advanced order: scallops, red tuna, fresh salmon, live crabs (from France). The orders should be placed 1 week before.

And, of course, there is a full range of Kolios wines at the butchery. During the year Kolios butchery also gives different kinds of discounts for various types of meat.

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