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Polydentri flower shop

Despo Andreou, the owner of the shop, was born in the beautiful ancient Polydentri village, which now called Pelendri. One can admire spectacular views and beautiful forests around the village. Despo Andreou always loved flowers and nature. And due to this love, Despo has been working with flowers and plants for more than 20 years; she started her activity as a florist at her brother’s wedding.


Polydentri Flower ShopPolydentri Flower ShopPolydentri Flower Shop

Even now, she remembers how nervous she was the first time and what kind of responsibility it is when creating floral decorations for weddings. But as they say, some things come just come naturally.. and so, a dream came true: Despo has created the floral boutique Polydentri in Kato Polemidia in Limassol.

Now the owner is mainly engaged in the decoration of houses, weddings, engagements, christenings, indoors and outdoors, as well as in open areas. Moreover, Despo’s daughter, who grew up “with flowers in her hands”, learned to create unique bouquets combining colors and designs and she helps her mother. Following the example of her mother, she was educated in the field of floristry and design and has a job as an interior designer.

At Polydentri flower shop you can buy luxury flowers, a variety of floral arrangements, unique bonsais and other indoor and garden plants, order flowers for the decoration of celebrations (weddings, banquets, baptisms, birthdays, corporate events, etc.).


Polydentri Flower ShopPolydentri Flower Shop

The flower shop Polydentri offers:

  • indoor and outdoor plants;
  • potted plants in stock and for order, including large-sized plants, rare and exotic species;
  • planters for flowers and plants, ceramic pots and stands for flowers, supports for plants;
  • a large variety of fertilizers, soils, and protection for the plant;
  • wicker baskets and vases;
  • products for creating tracks and decorating colors (coloured soil, sprinklers, stickers, hydrogel);
  • flowers, arrangements and bouquets of fresh flowers.


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