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Anna Dorothea Maison

Anna Dorothea Maison is a luxury and lifestyle fashion-brand for the cosmopolitan, self-confident and extravagant woman.

About the designer

Anna Dorothea was born in the beautiful city of Cyprus, Limassol. In her early childhood Anna already had a refined taste for a young lady and she was fascinated by beautiful garments. From a very young age she already started to design her own clothing and have them tailor -made for herself.

From the age of 15, Anna worked as an international model traveling to Shanghai, Milan, Athens and other fashion capitals. Modelling for Anna was the ticket to enter the world of fashion and luxury, where she soon decided that she wanted to have her own luxury fashion brand.

After high school she directly moved to Milan where she graduated in 2011 from the Instituto Europeo di design, moda lab Milan, in Italy and won the title of a ‘young and promising’ creative director.

In 2012 Anna presented her first fall-winter collection in Cyprus and immediately after that she started selling her garments in luxurious boutiques in Cyprus. After her fashion show, she moved to London to study in Central Saint Martins where at the same time she was engage in the preparation of her new spring-summer collection.


Anna Dorothea Maison Anna Dorothea MaisonAnna Dorothea Maison

The Brand

Women who wear the Anna Dorothea Milano brand are extravagant, self- confident and elegant. They love the lifestyle of luxury and want to be noticed.

Those who opt for the brand are aware of their beauty and sexual appearance. The unique, tailor-made dresses are the right choice for a fashionable dinner party in Moscow, an after-hour drink in a amazing hotel in Dubai or London or a red carpet event in Cannes.

With the use of high-quality fabrics and garments made in Italy being tailor-made under socially responsible conditions in the beautiful island of Cyprus – Anna Dorothea Milano meets the needs of the elegant, classy women who care about the environment and are socially committed at the same time.

The brand has developed into a high-end brand and with different product lines, including a female and male designer clothing line, a luxury line of fur handbags, accessories and beachwear.


Anna Dorothea Maison

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