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A beautiful white smile is a sign of healthy teeth, daily care and regular visits to the dentist.  You can achieve such a smile in modern dentistry even if you have congenital abnormalities such as malocclusion or curvature of the dentition.  With the help of orthodontic dental treatment, even the most advanced cases can achieve consistent results and a perfect smile.

The Orthodontic Centre in Nicosia can help correct an aesthetic dental problem quickly and efficiently.

Orthodontist in Cyprus

Доктор Карим АклехDoctor Kareem Akleh

Dr. Karim Akleh graduated from the University of Tel Aviv (Israel) and has practiced orthodontics for 16 years in Athens.

In 2011 he started to use the Damon system (self-ligating braces) in Cyprus, which is widely used in the United States. Dr. Akleh is also an official instructor of how to use the Damon System in Greece, and lectures in other European countries.

Doctor Elena Petrou

Доктор Елена ПетроуDr. Petrou has 19 years experience in two dental universities – Universities of Athens and New York. In the NYU Elena obtained Grade II in dental surgery, became a certified dentist in the US, and joined the Orthodontics Masters Programme.  She spent several years as an Assistant Professor in the same university, and practiced as an Orthodontist in Manhattan.  Dr. Elena Petrou moved to Cyprus in 2000.

Both doctors are members of the American Association of Orthodontists, and the World Federation of Certified Specialists of the Damon system of Accelerated Estrogenic Procedures that experts have successfully used in the Orthodontic Centre of Nicosia.

Orthodontic treatment in Cyprus

Invisalign Capps

Invisalign is an easy method of correcting a malocclusion using splints. They are an alternative to metal braces, are almost invisible, and can improve your smile without noticeable discomfort, correcting the bite and facilitating alignment of the teeth.

Depending on the complexity of your problem, the experts of the Orthodontics Centre in Nicosia, with the help of modern technologies, will determine the appropriate treatment for you. Following the recommendations of a doctor, in a few weeks you will get the results you’d dreamed of.

Брекеты Inspire ICEInspire ICE braces

Doctors at the Orthodontic Centre recommend the Inspire ICE braces to those who want to correct their malocclusion, prognathism (violation of occlusion dentition), and even the cross-bite (the displacement of the mandible relative to the upper horizontal plane), and at the same time achieve an aesthetically pleasing look. They are virtually invisible and are very popular with patients.  They are completely painlessly fixed to the teeth and safely dismantled.

Inspire ICE is the perfect solution for those who would like to boost their self confidence with a perfect smile.

Брекет-система DamonDamon System Braces

This is one of the most popular systems for the treatment of children, teenagers and adults, and can reduce the number of visits to the orthodontic centre, time spent at the doctor and it reduces the overall duration of treatment.

The orthodontic braces system is called self-ligating which means it takes the shape of your teeth, and the position of the teeth is formed by a wire arc which is fixed in the longitudinal groove of each bracket.

The Damon Braces system in Cyprus provides a more comfortable orthodontic treatment than traditional braces.

Брекеты Damon ClearDamon Clear Braces

This is an almost invisible type of brace; it has clear advantages in contrast to other systems and orthodontic treatments, and gives impressive, effective results.

Treatment with Damon Clear not only improves the appearance of your teeth, but also to reduce stress on the chewing bone repair processes, older patients say it makes them look much younger.

Consultations in the Orthodontic Centre of Nicosi

Nicosia Orthodontic CentreThe specialists and doctors at the centre will help you get acquainted with the centre and the methods of treatment to correct dental abnormalities and deficiencies, on the basis of a detailed study of your problem.

Orthodontic treatment in Cyprus is carried out individually for each patient, taking into account the age and condition of the teeth. Before deciding on a method of treatment, the doctor will examine your problem, arrange a consultation and draw up a detailed treatment plan.

Do not forget that the success in achieving a beautiful smile depends not only on the capabilities of the orthodontic treatment, but also on the work of the orthodontist and the patient.

The Orthodontic Centre in Nicosia is waiting to give you a new healthy smile!


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