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P & P Paraskevas – Dentist and Implant Clinic

P & P Paraskevas - Dentist and Implant Clinic

P&P Paraskevas’ Dentist and Implant Clinic has been operating in Limassol, Cyprus since 2001.

Highly experienced professional primary care physicians and surgeons work at the clinic.

Specialists of the clinic constantly improve their expertise and skills, and attend conferences and specialised international exhibitions, enabling them to use the most up-to-date methods for the treatment and implantation of teeth.

Several fixed price treatment plans are available and the clinic is also in cooperation with one of the best dental technicians in Cyprus.

P & P Paraskevas’ Clinic offers patients the following:

  • P & P Paraskevas - Dentist and Implant Clinic access to leading technologies and modern treatment in implantation and prosthetic dentistry methods;
  • the use of top-quality certified materials and medicines;
  • meticulous control over sterilization of instruments at all stages of treatment;
  • a comprehensive and individual approach towards each patient;
  • attentive and experienced personnel;
  • competitive prices.

The Clinic’s Doctors understand the importance of preserving a patient’s teeth and consider general health conditions, ensuring functionality, comfortable conditions for the patient and aesthetic criteria to be important factors that should also be taken into consideration.  The Clinic combines the extensive professional experience of its doctors with modern medical equipment, ensuring a quick and painless treatment. An examination is first carried out to determine the treatment required.

P & P Paraskevas’ Dentist and Implant Clinic in Cyprus offers the following services:

  • P & P Paraskevas - Dentist and Implant Clinic advice on oral hygiene;
  • professional teeth cleaning;
  • free preliminary consultations regarding treatment;
  • examination of the oral cavity;
  • cosmetic dentistry;
  • installation of bridges and crowns, including ceramic and zircon;
  • dental prosthetics;
  • teeth extraction;
  • installation of teeth studs;
  • radiology;
  • implants.


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