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The Pharmacy of Kypros Kaimys

The pharmacy is located in the centre of Larnaca, a 15-minute walk from the Finikoudes embankment. The pharmacy provides consultations, homeopathic medicine and cosmetic products.

The Pharmacy of Kypros KaimysPersonnel and service

Kypros Kaimys is a certified pharmacist having studied in Greece. He has been practicing in Cyprus for more than 35 years.

Mr. Kaimys is able to offer his customers the latest drugs and medicines available on the market.

Kypros Kaimys is fluent in both English and Greek and there are also English speaking personnel available, all are ready to provide professional consultations if required.

Apart from the normal medications, the pharmacy also has a wide selection of homeopathic medicines from certified specialists, BLESSTIA.

A cosmetic expert and make-up artist are available by appointment. All cosmetic treatment is done with the use of modern, high quality products.

Cosmetic products

The pharmacy offers reputable cosmetic brands such as Darphin, a French company which has a line of professional skin care products combining herbs and essential oils. Greek brands Apivita and Korres, containing ecologically pure natural ingredients, are also available.


The Pharmacy of Kypros Kaimys. DarphinThe Pharmacy of Kypros Kaimys


Collistar is a popular and dynamically developing Italian company offering high quality products at reasonable prices. Their body care line offers anti cellulite scrubs and remedies to nourish and improve the skin. Their sun protection line provides a safe and even suntan.

CrescinaCrescina, from the company Labo Cosprophar Suisse, may be of interest to those who have problems with hair growth.

Specialists of the company have been involved in research and production of innovative cosmetic skin and hair care products since 1989. Crescina HFSC is a revolutionary remedy for the treatment of (physiological) Alopecia. The product comes in ampule form for external use, and is a complex formula based on cysteine-lysin-glycoprotein.  This remedy improves the growth of hair in problem areas.

Photo epilator, Tanda Me (Me My Quartz), is a cosmetic innovation which ensures the quick and safe end to hair growth at home. Me is a professional system for epilation, which ensures clinically proven permanent hair removal. The set includes a replacement cartridge with a lamp for 100,000 bursts.

The Pharmacy of Kypros Kaimys

The motto of the pharmacy

Advanced technology guarantees the best help. Appreciate yourselves and your health and use the services of those who appreciate you!


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