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One of the most urgent questions visitors to the island ask is about internet connection – its quality, accessibility and price.

This can be a major concern for those who like to stay in constant contact with loved ones and relatives and, of course, for those who need information and to conduct business.

Mobile connection in Cyprus

Russian roaming services, if used actively on an everyday basis, may cost as much as the holiday in Cyprus itself. This is why if you want to stay connected and keep the cost low, it’s better to acquire а card from the local telephone operator (MTN or SoEasy from Cyta).

The price of a telephone card in Cyprus is from 7 ½ – 12 Euros, and the bulk of the money goes to your account as prepayment for calls and Internet.


CytaPrimeTel MobileMTN

The cost of a 1 minute call to Russia from a Cypriot mobile will cost you 12-14 European cents (6-7 Roubles) depending on the operator.  This option is more preferable than the services of Russian cell phone companies.

SIM-cardsA card can be bought in any kiosk and can be topped up if and when necessary. You can purchase payment cards at the same kiosks, or use the automated machines.

Other operators (for example, PrimeTel or the aforementioned MTN and Cyta)  may offer better tariffs, but this is better suited to residents of Cyprus as you have to go to the company’s office, sign an agreement and perform all the necessary formalities to sign a contract. It takes time and it’s probably not worth it if you’re staying on the island for just 1-2 weeks.



Internet in Cyprus

Internet is accessible in practically all hotels in Cyprus regardless of their category. As a rule, guests are offered free Wi-Fi in the areas of the lobby-café and in restaurants. Internet is accessible around the whole area in many hotels, but if you want to use the Internet in your room you may be charged extra.

If you plan to rent a villa or apartment you should enquire about the cost of internet and connection from your landlord, because not all apartments and villas are equipped with access.

Wi-FiIf you plan only to use Internet infrequently, to check your mail for instance, a Wi-Fi service in a café should suffice (most cafes in the tourist areas offer this service for free) or in an Internet cafe (about 2-3 Euros an hour).

Installation of a leased line to get access to the net in Cyprus is quite a troublesome and expensive business. Installation and the price of the service with the three main Cypriot providers are about the same.

Cyta (the main provider in Cyprus) installs the ADSL within 5-10 working days (depending on the city), at a cost of 120 Euros with a fixed deposit of 500 Euros. Prime Tel installs the equipment within about 15-20 working days, with the price of installation plus deposit amounting to about 400 Euros.

The cost of a service package is between 30 and 60 Euros per month depending on requirements – (a land-line, a mobile, TV, Internet). CableNet works a bit faster, but it only covers a small area in the centre of Limassol.


Internet connection in Cyprus

DragonNetDragonNet is another fast developing company in Limassol. In this case you pay for the rental of a line, unlike Cyta and PrimeTel where a fee is charged even if you are off the island.

One of the main advantages of the company is the quick installation, within 2-3 working days. A monthly package will cost you from 15-175 Euros and you can have several access points if necessary. You will have to pay a deposit at the time of installation, an installation fee and the first month’s payment for the Internet.

T3Ghe signal provided by DragonNet is sufficient to watch television (Kartina.TV for example) and use the internet at the same time, without any breakdown of service.  More detailed information about DragonNet is available at

The issue of mobile Internet in Cyprus is still quite complicated. The cost of access to the network with a 3G modem is very high. The modem costs about 50 Euros, and the price of 2GB of information downloaded from the Internet amounts to 12 Euros, even at the best possible price.

You should never use mobile Internet in roaming because you will pay for the services of the Russian mobile operators AND also for downloaded megabytes at Cypriot company prices which, as you now know, are very expensive

A brief conclusion

So, if you plan a short holiday in Cyprus, the most reasonable option for you is to purchase a card from a local operator (it will cost much less than tourist phone cards or the roaming services of Russian operators). You can use the Internet for free in any hotel or cafe.

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