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Panicos Ph. Elia Ltd: Furniture fittings and components

Panicos Ph Company has supplied furniture fittings and equipment for over 40 years, improving the aesthetics and functionality of buildings.

As a family business, PanicosPh shop. Elia Ltd has proved that it’s a sensitive and reliable partner in relation to its clients. The company ensures the quality of its products and services provided.

The company is a recognised partner of woodworking and construction companies, architects, interior designers, contractors, developers and the general public.

The range of fittings and accessories:

  • Panicos Ph. Elia Ltddoor furniture;
  • door handles;
  • furniture accessories;
  • handles;
  • kitchen accessories;
  • accessories for wardrobes;
  • sliding systems;
  • closures;
  • bathroom accessories;
  • trash and mailboxes;
  • cornices;
  • fireplace accessories;
  • safes.

Front cabinet hardware

Accessories such as furniture and door handles can underline any interior and add originality to any piece of furniture.

That is why this company attaches great importance to the maintenance of one of the largest collections of handles and furniture on the island. For customer convenience, the collection of handles and furniture ranges from modern designs to forged iron handles.


Panicos Ph. Elia LtdFunctional furniture fittings

Functional fittings for furniture allows you to expand the interior space of any wardrobe efficiently.

Panicos Ltd offers a broad range of sliding systems and internal organisers for wardrobes and shoe cabinets, such as lifting equipment, sliding systems and storage shelves.

Panicos Ph. Elia LtdKitchen furniture fittings

A significant part of the company’s range is accessories for the kitchen.

Sliding, pivoting and multi-functional baskets, furniture hinges, dish racks and rails allow any client to create a stylish, ergonomic, modern and the most conveniently styled kitchen.

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