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Peels. What are they? Do I need them?

At the time of weakening solar activity and on the eve of the holidays, we’re all trying to find a way to freshen up our skin and bring back the glow after the summer.

After these hot months, our skin tends to be thicker and dryer. Peeling can be the solution to this problem.

So what is peeling?

Enzymacid - Ericson Laboratoire

The surface layer of our skin is composed of dead cells – keratinocytes, and the skin is thicker in this layer. To thin the skin out and make it smoother women use the procedure called peeling, which includes not only the well-known acid peels and scrubs but also gommage scrubs which are gentle skin cleansers. Working with sensitive skin, it is especially important.

If you have rosacea, skin allergies and thinning, acid peels are not for you. You should use a light exfoliation and suitably selected home care products for these types of skin.

What is the difference between the gommage and an everyday scrub? Gommage is a creamy cleanser that “twists” in circular motions on the skin. The scrub also has the same grainy structure and is suitable for thicker skin. Both of these agents are suitable for use at home before applying the mask, but no more than once a week.

Acid peels have extensive action, including assisting in the treatment of acne and pigmentation, and are an indispensable tool for a cosmetologist when dealing with skin problems of this kind.

Don’t forget about the rejuvenating properties of acid peels. Due to the absorption of dead cells by the acids, the skin becomes smoother; wrinkles are visibly reduced and pores are narrowed. Anti-aging procedures used after the peels are more effective than others – the skin becomes thinner, and its permeability to active ingredients is improved.

Skin Care in Cyprus

Enzymacid - Ericson Laboratoire

The Ericson Laboratoire company is always at the peak of innovation and offers a contemporary ultra-efficient method of skin exfoliation ENZIMACID, which combines the five latest “high-tech” dermo-cosmetic technologies, based on the latest medical and cosmetic techniques.

The main advantage of the method lies in the double action with a unique softness procedure. The process begins with a double microdermabrasion which feels a little like a natural scrub, where crystals of aluminium and iron gluconate perform the micro-polishing of the skin.

The unique compound is applied to the face in four stages, and incrementally increases its work due to the high concentration of acids which are based on glycolic acid, and enriched with the action of salicylic, lactic, citric, mandelic, mucic, ascorbic and tartaric acids.

The ENZIMACID line is the only one of its kind as it combines eight acids, which have a joint action aimed at skin renewal. The skin becomes smoother, more radiant and healthy; it recovers its structure, lightens and a more uniform skin tone is achieved as a result.

An important and significant advantage is the complete comfort between treatments. You can venture out the very next day, and look fantastic too. The secret lies in the after-procedure mask. It sticks to the dead top layer of skin, which is then quickly and safely removed with gauze. Everything the modern woman needs for her comfort and convenience!

Professional products for the skin care in Cyprus

Enzymacid - Ericson Laboratoire

The most important thing is, of course, home skin care. The Ericson Laboratoire company looked into this thoroughly. The ENZIMACID home line has everything from cleansers, reducing creams and serums. Proper skin care will provide the best cell regeneration and faster results.

Ericson Laboratoire is seeking to develop a formula with different concentrations for skin care in the home and professional use. These are created with levels of alpha- hydro acids specially selected for their immediate results without causing discomfort.

There are a lot of advantages, as you can see, but what is important to remember is that in our climate, the use of acid peels is very limited. Optimally, only in the winter. In other seasons, the risks of producing pigmentation after peeling procedures increase dramatically. Even sunscreens will be non-effective.

In any case, remember that after such a procedure, it requires the use of sunscreens with high SPF and moisturising at home between treatments.

Do it right, listen to your beautician, and the result will exceed your expectations.

Be beautiful!

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