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Sotos Papapetrou: Dental Clinic in Cyprus

Sotos Papapetrou Dental Clinic is located in the centre of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. This well equipped modern dental clinic meets the highest standards of medical care.

Over 40 years experience in the field of dentistry in Cyprus, advanced technology, top quality equipment and materials, plus a friendly and comfortable environment for patients, means a high standard of service and the best results in each case.

Dental Clinic Sotos Papapetrou guarantees:

  • tSotos Papapetrouhe most stringent sterilisation techniques;
  • advanced biomaterials;
  • science-based therapies;
  • safety and efficacy of treatment;
  • painless dental procedures.

Dentistry in Cyprus

The first visit to the Sotos Papapetrou Dentist Clinic for an adult includes:

  • a complete medical and dental history;
  • clinical oral exam;
  • discussion about individual requirements for the most appropriate treatment plan;
  • a panoramic radiograph, if required;
  • in the case of toothache, treatment should begin immediately with absolute priority to the agreed treatment plan.;
  • upon completion of the examination / treatment, rehabilitation options will be discussed, and a general treatment plan will be provided in writing regarding the cost of therapy.

The first visit to the dentist for a child includes:

  • oSotos Papapetroubtaining of dental history from the parents;
  • clinical oral examination;
  • installation of seals or prophylactic fluoridation of teeth (if necessary);
  • recommendations for oral health maintenance of the child.

Dental implants in Cyprus

Sotos Papapetrou uses the latest techniques for prostheses. Early diagnosis allows for a quick decision on the treatment required and thus minimises the need for traditional invasive methods of dental treatment.

Along with timely treatment, equipment from the leading manufacturer of microscopes ZEISS OPMI®PROergo, allows the clinic’s doctors to apply ZOOM technology to diagnose problems in the early stages.

Prostheses in Cyprus

Sotos PapapetrouSotos Papapetrou Clinic offers its customers a unique method for teeth restoration — ZOOM technology with highly aesthetic and biocompatible crowns and bridges, providing an organic fusion without the formation of any black line on the gums.

Before treatment, the clinic’s specialists have a detailed discussion with the patient, carry out an examination, and provide a diagnosis, X-ray and aesthetics smile analysis with pictures and dental impressions.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Cyprus

Teeth whitening is considered the safest and most conservative method of creating the perfect smile. Tooth enamel pigments accumulated over the years can be difficult to remove, even with daily home care.

Bleaching is the process of removing these pigments without the destruction of the tooth enamel. Sotos Papapetrou Clinic uses advanced whitening formula with ZOOM technology.

Microscopic study of teeth

Microscopic Dentistry involves the use of a dental microscope and is designed to diagnose and treat dental problems at an early stage, including factors minimising adverse effects on dental tissue from ultrasonic treatment.

Due to the accuracy of the microscope, during the treatment a smaller amount of tooth tissue is removed, this allows the tooth structure to be preserved even after sealing.


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