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Scritto Graffito: graphic design and print services in Cyprus

Scritto Graffitos' workSuccessful design – it’s not just the beautiful decor, but also an effective tool for attracting clients and partners. If you are looking for a specialist in the development of graphic design in Cyprus, the Scritto Graffito Company is what you need!

Scritto Graffito was established in 2010 in Limassol. The mission of the company is to create for the customers the most efficient and original designs, advertising and branding, for their companies or individuals, and to provide design and print services.

Scritto Graffito has grown and evolved out of a simple idea of providing a vast array of creative services tailored to the customer’s needs. From basic concept to the finished product, Scritto Graffito has the staff and resources necessary to create quality custom design products to fit your specific needs. Use the company’s flexibility to your advantage and see how the company can benefit your organisation.

The company is able to create for you custom publications, illustrations, corporate identity packages, print and web advertising, design products etc.

Scritto Graffito’s service

The studio fulfills its mission by delivering high quality, top level services for those individuals and companies willing to allow full expression of their goals and ideas.

The company works quickly and efficiently, aiming to provide the 3D’s:

  • Scritto Graffitos' workDefine
  • Design
  • Deliver

The team works together to clearly define project goals and objectives, to design and develop visuals, infrastructure and your social system and to deliver and execute your project goals.

The Scritto Graffito company adheres to the motto “Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent” (Joe Sparano).

Design and print services in Cyprus

Scritto Graffitos' workThe Scritto Graffito company provides all types of design and print services in Cyprus:

  • Creative and Print Services
  • Corporate identity
  • Advertising/Branding
  • Digital Printing and Offset Printing
  • Letterheads, Business cards, Brochures
  • Leaflets, Flyers, Invitations
  • Menu Design, Booklets
  • Large format Design
  • Banners, Wallpapers, Stickers
  • Floor Graphics, Window Graphics
  • Car graphics design and installation
  • Signs and Ads
  • 3D lettering
  • Customized Signs
  • All types of Signs


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