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Spanos Fine Jewellery: jewellery store in Nicosia

Spanos Fine Jewellery is a family business which opened in 1990 in Nicosia and produces jewellery made of precious stones and metals. More than 25 years experience, attention to detail and the needs of its visitors has given the store an exceptional reputation among its customers.

Today Spanos Fine Jewellery has a solid base of loyal clients who appreciate the quality of the jewellery offered.

Spanos Fine Jewellery - suspensionJewellery in Cyprus

Spanos Fine Jewellery offers a wide selection of jewellery with precious metals and stones.

Assortment at Spanos Fine Jewellery:

  • wedding rings;
  • rings;
  • chains;
  • suspensions;
  • earrings;
  • bracelets;
  • medallions;
  • necklaces;
  • jewellery sets.

Wedding rings to order in Cyprus

Spanos Fine Jewellery store is famous for its collections and customised designs to order.

The shop specialises in the manufacture of exclusive wedding rings and accessories.

Costas Spanos, jeweller and designer, creates unique wedding and engagement rings tailored to the requirements of each client and all meeting the highest standards.

Spanos Fine Jewellery Spanos Fine JewellerySpanos Fine JewellerySpanos Fine Jewellery

Advantages of Spanos Fine Jewellery store:

  • careful attention to customers’ needs;
  • more than 25 years experience;
  • quality materials;
  • competitive prices.

Care and maintenance of jewellery

Spanos Fine JewelleryAlong with the sale of jewellery and professional advice, the store offers after-sales jewellery care.

It offers customers:

  • cleaning;
  • polishing;
  • restoration of jewellery.

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