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A.D.A Auto Repair Center: car repair in Nicosia, Cyprus

The A.D.A Auto Repair Center (Avgoustinos D. Avgoustinou LTD), opened an office in the Pallouriotissa area in Nicosia in 1988 offering repair and maintenance of cars.

Car services at A.D.A Auto Repair Center:

  • A.D.A Auto Repair Centerbody works;
  • paint works;
  • car services.

For the customer’s convenience, A.D.A Auto Repair Center works with all insurance and car rental companies (upon request) when a car is in for repairs.

Skilled mechanics will locate any problems with the car and offer the best solutions.

A.D.A Auto Repair Center uses only high-quality materials and guarantees the quality of work and competitive prices.

Car Body Works in Cyprus

A.D.A Auto Repair Center - Services

A.D.A Auto Repair Center specialises in car bodywork and car painting.

All work is carried out in areas specially equipped with modern facilities. The personnel are highly qualified and experienced and so are able to achieve perfect results, both in improving the appearance and increasing the operation time of the repaired body parts.

The A.D.A repair centre can fix any damage to the body, no matter how big or small, on any car. The company is equipped to repair damages, even in the absence of spare parts on the market.

A.D.A Auto Repair Center - Car ColouringCar Paint Works in Cyprus

For painting the body of the car, A.D.A Auto Repair Center uses a special machine equipped with anti-pollutant emissions and the latest water-soluble dyes that meet the highest technological standards.

A.D.A Auto Repair Center provides services for full or partial vehicle painting.

Other Car Services

A.D.A Auto Repair Center offers the following services:

  • a broad range of mechanical work – from simple diagnostics and maintenance to reparation of a car engine;
  • polishing of headlights – returning headlamps to their initial transparency;
  • diagnostic check – latest electronic control diagnostics that will find a solution to any problem related to the vehicle’s electronic control unit;
  • pre-purchases inspection – qualified staff will do a complete check and give professional report before the customer purchases a car.

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