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Spa treatments in Cyprus have for many years now been popular with both locals and tourists, and it’s worth noting that Cypriot Spas are on a par with those in Italy and France.

Here we share our reviews on the features, programmes and prices for spa services in Cyprus.

As you know, the primary purpose of a spa treatment is detoxification, skin care and total physical and emotional relaxation.

One of the leading methods of rejuvenation in Cyprus Spa Centres is thalassotherapy which comes from the Greek θάλασσα (Sea) and θεραπεία (treatment).

Thalassotherapy involves the use of “gifts from the sea” for the purpose of prevention and treatment. As a rule, the range of services includes restorative, rejuvenating and relaxing treatments for face and body with sea minerals, and a variety of wraps, based on algae and curative mud.

There are many hotel spas in Cyprus’ resorts so listing them all is almost impossible. In this review, we describe the most popular centres from our point of view.

Londa Hotel Spa

Ayii Anargyri Spa

A complete pleasurable experience is to be found in the Londa Hotel 5 * Spa, which offers a full range of services for face and body using the world-renowned brand, Elemis, with treatments complemented by hand and foot care.

You can visit the gym, spa and sauna or relax in the small enclosed hydro massage pool. It’s a perfect venue for a girls party, where you can chat and relax while the experienced staff do everything possible to make your holiday enjoyable and rewarding.

Pay attention to the signature treatments of this spa centre – with its variety of massages, body wraps, anti-aging and relaxation facilities. The cost of treatments for face and body ranges from €60 to €170.

Of course, if you prefer to exercise in the morning you can also join the yoga group on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

Four Seasons Shiseido

SPA service in Cyprus

Now we move to the popular Shiseido Centre in the Four Seasons Hotel 5 *.

This centre, which opened in 1993, is the first spa in Cyprus and offers a complete range of cosmetic products from one of the most famous brands in the world – Shiseido. Each guest gets the perfect opportunity to relax with the help of luxurious spa treatments, some of which are specifically designed for the hotel.

In our view, it is worth paying attention to Shiseido’s Spa Serenity procedure (duration – 2 ½ hours, price – €255). During this unique process, every part of your body will be affected. The ritual begins with a Japanese bath for the feet, followed by a Zen Delight body massage which helps restore balance and harmony, and then a relaxing massage of the head and shoulders. Afterwards you can relax in a special area to enjoy a cup of tea or fresh juice.

Exclusive beauty course at Aphrodite Hills Resort

We leave Limassol and head to Paphos. Not far from the place of Afrodite’s birth, Petra tou Romio, is the Aphrodite Hills Resort which won the prestigious Spa Traveller Award in 2008 for the best spa and golf resort in Europe.

This spa introduced the prestigious British brand, ESPA, to the market.

If you have time, be sure to pay attention to the exclusive spa packages. For example, the 5-day package includes meals (lunch and dinner), daily personal training, two beauty treatments, aromatic baths, aromatherapy massage, facial and body lifting programmes, wraps, sports massage and body care using orange oil. There’s no doubt that after this you will feel completely refreshed and rested. The cost of a 5-day treatment is €1,275.

The Fairies Valley

SPA in Cyprus

Thalassotherapy treatments are not the only ones popular in Cyprus. We move away from the tourist centres and head towards the Valley of Fairies, located in the fantastic Ayii Anargyri Spa Resort 5 * hotel, built in the traditional Cypriot style on the site of a monastery.

The hotel, with a capacity for 150 people, opened its doors in the Autumn of 2009. All procedures use a unique water source containing hydrogen sulphide. Swimming in this water gives extraordinary vigour to the body, and the healing minerals have a beneficial effect on blood circulation, digestion, skin, muscle-tone, joint mobility, and the cardiovascular system.

All procedures are carried out under the close supervision of experienced medical professionals who, perhaps, are the ‘good fairies’.

It’s no secret that spa procedures produce great results, so it’s worth researching. For example, a week-long programme (cost – €1,240) includes accommodation, and breakfast, nutritionist’ monitored meals, underwater massage, hydrogen sulphide baths, mud baths and a number of individually prescribed procedures.

Beauty will save the world

Of course, it’s impossible to describe all the hotel spas in Cyprus which offer guests unique treatments based on the gifts of nature which are so abundant on the island of Cyprus.

No doubt, each of the resorts of Cyprus will be able to offer you a special treatment, and highly qualified specialists will help you choose the programme that is best for you.

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