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The Green Shop: organic shop in Larnaca

Nowadays we are considering our health more when we do our shopping.  In the past we often made our choices based on taste alone, but now we also prefer healthy and organic products.

These organic (bio) products are nutrient dense and are free from pesticides, but are not available in every shop.

Bio Products in Cyprus

Green Shop в ЛарнакеSince opening in 2010, The Green Shop has become a real godsend for the residents of the island, and especially for adherents of a healthy lifestyle.

The Green Shop is located in Larnaca, and for 6 years has been taking care of its customers by offering a wide range of products labeled 100% organic.  These products are certified as organic which means they are grown and produced in accordance with specific requirements, and contain the necessary nutrients and trace elements.

When you purchase products at The Green Shop in Cyprus you can be sure of the authenticity and health benefits of your purchases.

The store chooses only reliable suppliers who have provided invaluable support and assistance with the numerous activities, actions and rallies, held regularly by the shop.

The Green Shop offers its customers the following organic items:

  • Green Shop в ЛарнакеFresh fruit and vegetables;
  • Dairy products;
  • Meat products;
  • Drinks;
  • Wine;
  • Bread;
  • Honey;
  • Oils;
  • Baby food and much more.

Dishes made from organic products are more healthy and contain more vitamins than those using non organic, plus, of course, they taste much better and do not contain dyes and preservatives, which means they are suitable for children and for anyone trying to follow a healthy diet.

The Green Shop also sells gluten free products and frozen items such as pizza, lasagna, chicken, fish sticks and even ice cream.


Green Shop в ЛарнакеGreen Shop в ЛарнакеGreen Shop в Ларнаке

Organic products in Cyprus

In the summer demand grows for products like sun and mosquito protection that contain essential oils, and with such useful acquisitions you will have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Green Shop в ЛарнакеEcologically clean products in Larnaca:

  • Children’s clothes and toys;
  • Natural make-up;
  • Handmade make-up;
  • Personal hygiene products;
  • Detergents;
  • Household products;
  • Gifts.

In addition, depending on the season, a number of organic and Eco products are on offer at discount prices.

Details can be found at the store or tel: +357 24 653 912.

Surround yourself and your family with organic and environmentally friendly products that cater to your health, both internally and externally, and treat yourself and your family to fresh, natural products.

Visit The Green Shop in Larnaca for good health and good food!


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