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In the year of 1960 Toumazis Prastitis opened one of the first few stores in Nicosia, for selling 19511074_1589465954419906_668540154747169257_nand repairing tyres. The conditions at the time where very difficult, since today’s advance technologies didn’t exist and therefore a lot of accidents kept happening. In 1970 he was the first to import advanced equipment for tyre replacement.
In 1986 the company Toumazis & Son Ltd was founded with Zacharias Toumazis Prastitis as a manager, son of Toumazis Prastitis. After specializing in Germany in tyre repair and wheel alignment, Zacharias proceeds with the formation of one of the most modern tyre stores in Nicosia. Today the store is fully equipped with the most advanced state of the art equipment in Cyprus.

In 2006 Zacharias Toumazis Prastitis became the president of the Pancyprian Association of 18056700_1513189852047517_8016216712911619906_nTyre Dealers, a position he still holds to date.

The company, with its specialized stuff and experienced management, serves with secured direction and confidence its clients. The biggest car dealer garages are also in a very close and trusted cooperation.

Toumazis & Son Ltd supplies all the available tyre brands. As a convenient service, the company intakes the responsibility of picking up clients’ cars from their home or work place. A range of company cars are also available for comfortable transportation of clients.

With years of professional experience, Toumazis & Son Ltd offers guarantee of quality service to its wide range of clientele.



Our Services12809520_1136770069689499_1466638967322280842_n

  • Tyre Sale & Repair
  • Computerized Wheel Alignment
  • Electronic Wheel Balancing
  • Rims Repairs


When do you need Electronic Wheel Balancing?

  • Whet the steering wheel or the car shakes12801492_1136770083022831_1745937249450835737_n
  • Everytime you change tyres
  • After switching the tyre front and rear
  • After a tyre repair


When do you need a Computerized Wheel Alignment?

  • Evrey 15000 KM (or once a year)
  • When your car is leaning towards one side
  • Wear of the tyre one side (inside or outside)
  • After the change or repairmen of parts of suspensions or the steering wheel
  • After any mechanical repair on the front or rear axle15590388_1380298512003319_4513599053975261593_n
  • When during car movement the steering wheel is not positioned at a horizontal place
  • After the replacement of tyres
  • After an accident
  • Whenever there is an uneven steering wheel rotation between the left and right sides
  • When a new car passes the first 4-5000 KM
  • After the placement of aluminum rims
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