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Why You Should Start Consuming Whole Foods

he term whole foods is likely something you have heard before but perhaps did not understand. The term whole foods is likely something you have heard before but perhaps did not understand. So, first off I will define whole foods.

Whole foods

ОрехиWhole foods are those that are provided by nature. Some examples of whole foods are fresh fruits and veggies, whole grain such as brown rice, whole wheat, and cornmeal, legumes, beans, and seeds and nuts. Animal proteins are included in the definition of whole foods but overall, this type of whole food is not what’s best for your body.

Why should you be consuming whole foods rather than other forms of supposed nutrition?

Advertising and Reality

The answer is simple; it is just healthier. So many foods that claim to bring you good health are actually called fragmented foods. Even though they are touted as health foods, there is no truth in the claim.

Here are some examples that may surprise you:

  • White rice – this health food is missing bran and nutrients;
  • Bran – this health food is missing carbs;
  • Tofu – this health food is missing fiber and nutrients;
  • Wheat germ- this health food is missing starch.

The bottom line is that fragmented foods are all missing what originally made them healthy in the first place. Even vitamin supplements are missing important macro nutrients which is the reason many people take them in the first place! Human beings come from the earth so why shouldn’t we replenish our bodies with other things that come from the earth? That is logic that is hard to get around.

Healthy food

Recent studies have been done to prove that whole foods are the best for our health. It has been found that they protect against illness and disease that can otherwise easily ravage our bodies.

Of course it is not being suggested that if we eat nothing but whole foods that we will never fall ill or contract disease, but what is suggested is that those who do not consume enough whole foods fall prey to illness and disease at a much easier and quicker rate than those who do.

Whole foods were put on the earth to be consumed. Nature knows what we need and provides it. This is the very best argument for eating whole foods as there is nothing more important than your health.

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