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The Cyprus Rally 2016

From Friday 7th until Sunday 9th of October

The Cyprus Rally 2016 will present to its fans the new cars and amazing combination of various rally stages, which will assemble the world class teams.

Like last year, the event will have two FIA stages: tenth round of the European Rally Championship (ERC) and the fifth round of the Middle-East Rally Championship (MERC).

The main component of the rally will be the 822,47 kilometre track, which is divided into 14 stage. 214,97 km will be done on the mixed surfaces (gravel/asphalt).

Schedule of the races:

  1.  The race will begin with the qualifying round in Ayios Sozomenos, which will take place on the 7th of October and will be on the 4,48 km test race. In the second half of the day, at 18:30 at Limassol beachfront, the Official start will be done, which will be followed by two night stages. The first stage Stavrovouni —  Klavdia (11,35 km) will begin at 19:26. The second stage Petrofani — Kelia (21,49 km) will start at 20:06. After completion of the SS2, the cars and teams will head to the service centre in Nicosia.
  2.  The Saturday races will consist of 7 special stages. The third stage will start at Tseri (14,28 km) at 07:55. The forth stage Kotsiatis — Analiontas (14,66 km) will begin at 08:33. The fifth and the longest stage Lythrodontas — Vavatsinia (22 км) will start at 09:16. The sixth stage Lagia — Kalavasos (10,43 km) will begin at 10:14. After finishing the sixth stage, the cars will head to the service centre in order to prepare for the second half of the day.                                                                                                      The second half of the racing day will include the repetition of the stages Tseri (at 12:17), Lythrodontas — Vavatsinia (at 13:00) и Lagia —Kalavasos (at 13:58). The last part of the day will consist of the super special stage CNP ASFALISTIKI in the heart of Nicosia. The stage will begin at 16:16.
  3. The Sunday stages will consist of 4 races with overall length of 67,42 km. The first two stages will be the same as on Friday: Stavrovouni — Klavdia (11,35 km) at 08:20 and Petrofani — Kelia (21,49 km) at  08:58. The rally will wrap up with the last two special stages: Love Cyprus Golden Stage at 11:36 (20,08 km) and at 12:29 (14,5 km). The total time of all stages will reveal the winner.
  4. The Closing ceremony after 3 racing days will take place at the Molos beachfront in Limassol at 15:00.

The Cyprus Rally 2016 schedule

Distance (km) Time
Friday 7th of October
Qualification stage 04,48 10:03
Opening Ceremony  Limassol 18:30
SS1 Stavrovouni — Klavdia 11,35 19:28
SS2 Petrofani — Kelia 21,49 20:06
Saturday 8th of October
SS3 ΕΝΕΟS Tseri 14,27 07:55
SS4 Kotsiatis — Analyontas 14,66 08:33
SS5 Lythrodontas — Vavatsinia 20,00 09:16
SS6 Lagia — Kalavasos 10.34 10:14
SS7 ΕΝΕΟS Tseri 14,27 13:00
SS8 Lythrodontas — Vavatsinia 22,00 16:13
SS9 Lagia — Kalavasos 10,34 13:58
SS10 Super Special Stage 06,03 16:16
Sunday 9th of October
SS11 Stavrovouni — Klavdia 2 11,35 08:20
SS12 Petrofani —Kelia 21,49 08:58
SS13 Love Cyprus Golden Stage 1 20,08 11:36
SS14 Love Cyprus Golden Stage 2 14,50 12:29
Финал и награждение 15:00



Place: Molos
Address: Limassol, Cyprus (View on the map)


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